It’s that time of year again for strong storms to sweep through the Upper Midwest. The best thing you can do is to keep your car safely parked under the cover of a garage while you shelter in place, but it’s not always possible. When your vehicle gets caught in dicey weather, the damage can be significant.


In this post from the OEM insurance repair pros at Suburban Auto Body, we’re breaking down what you need to know to get back on the road after stormy weather damages your vehicle. When summer storms strike, contact our auto body pros to get your courtesy vehicle and get back on track as soon as possible. 

When Bad Weather Strikes

When it rains, it pours, and when there’s a severe storm front, it can last for hours or even days. When the local news station tells you to shelter in place, you’re thinking about protecting your family and keeping your home secure. But after the sky clears and the sun comes out again, you can end up left with significant damage to your home and vehicles.


Here’s what to do when storm damage strikes your vehicle:

1.    Proceed with caution.

Even if your car is buried under a downed tree limb, it can be tempting to rush right over and check out the damage. But before you proceed, remember to do so with extreme caution. First, take a look around for any signs of downed power lines or dangerous tree limbs that could pose a risk to your safety.

2.    Take photos.

For insurance purposes, you’ll want to document the scene as much as possible before changing anything. Take plenty of photos and videos of hail damage and impacts to your vehicle from different angles for the insurance company. Finally, be sure to keep photos of your vehicle before the storm on hand for comparison.

3.    Call your insurance company.

Contact your car insurance company right away to report the damage and find out whether storm damage is covered. Find out what your next steps are and ask about your rights as a claimant while you get the ball rolling on your claim.

4.    Contact your insurance repair shop.

Get your life back to normal faster with convenient key-to-key service from Suburban Auto Body. We’ll come to you and hand you the keys to a courtesy or rental car and stay in touch throughout your auto body repair. We offer OEM parts, insurance repair, and certified collision repair from a wide range of makes and models.

Call our Twin Cities Certified Collision Center

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