If you were involved in a minor car accident, your car may have a few scratches or a small ding or dent on it. If you are worried about your insurance rates increasing or live a busy life, you may think that the damage is superficial and put off repairing the damage. However, what looks like minor damage may not be so minor and there can be consequences to not fixing it. Here are a three reasons why it is important to get superficial car crash damage repaired right away.

Superficial Damage May Be More than Superficial

The number one reason why you should have what appears to be superficial damage looked at and repaired promptly is because the damage may not be superficial at all. Many newer cars are made with foam that is placed behind the panels on your car. This foam is designed to absorb the impact of an accident without causing occupants inside the car and the body of your car a great deal of damage. While you may only see a small ding or dent on the exterior of your car, what is hiding behind that ding or dent may be a substantial dent in the foam behind the panel. If you were to leave this as is, the foam is not in place should you get in another accident. This means damage to you and your car can occur because the foam is not there to insult the crash. As such, it is important to have what appears to be superficial damage at least looked at by an auto body repair shop.

Superficial Damage Can Rust

Another reason why it is important to get superficial car damage repaired right away is because superficial car damage can cause rust on your car. Scratches or chips in the paint allow water to penetrate into the metal body of the car. This can cause rust to form over a period of time. If rust is left unattended to, it can eat through metal, weakening the body of your car.

Superficial Damage Affects the Value of Your Car

The last reason why you want to have superficial car crash damage repaired promptly is because superficial damage affects the value of your car. Many of us say we are going to do something and then never get around to it. You may mean to get around to repairing the superficial damage, but then not do it. However, eventually you may want to sell or trade in your car. The damage on your car from an accident months or years ago can affect the value and prevent you from getting the most money out of your car. Repairing it in a timely manner ensures it gets done so your car retains its value.

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