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Why Mazda Certified Collision Care Matters

The professional Mazda auto body and collision team at Suburban Auto Body talk about Mazda-certified collision care. We share what Mazda certification means and discuss why it’s important to use Mazda certification when choosing your collision care. 

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OEM Parts Versus After-Market Parts: Why it Matters

The professional auto body and collision team at Suburban Auto Body discuss OEM parts. We explain the difference between OEM parts and after-market parts and talk about why the parts you put on your car matter. 

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Help! I’m Too Busy for Collision Repair!

If you’re a busy Minnesotan, the last thing you need on your plate is to have to worry about getting your car to the shop. If you’ve recently had a vehicle collision, you may find yourself in need of repair but too busy driving back and forth to work, school, and other obligations. Who has time to be without a car for a few days?

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Caring for Your Paint After Auto Collision Repair

If your car is involved in a collision, touching up the paint will most likely be part of the repair process. At Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul, we use factory paint formulas to match your paint with its original color so your repair will be seamless. We also use modern application systems and finish the repair with our oven-baked drying process.

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How We Use Earth-Friendly Auto Collision Repair

Taking care of the planet is becoming increasingly important in the new millenium. With growing concerns about pollution and waste from the automotive industry, adopting sustainable business practices is becoming a bigger priority.

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Can My Car Be Saved From Hail Damage?

Spring is just around the corner in Minnesota. Days of snow and frosty air will soon be behind us for the year, and we’ll be looking forward to bluebird mornings and warm, sunny days. But with the warmer weather, we’ll also have a few thunderstorms to look forward to.

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How We Work With Your Insurance Company After a Crash

It can happen when you least expect it. One moment, you’re in the middle of a busy day heading from one place to the next and the next, you’re on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck and rescheduling your day. When auto collisions happen, it can feel like your entire life is put on pause while you figure out what to do next.

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Getting Your Jeep on Track After a Collision

Jeeps are one of the most beloved vehicles on the road. To those who drive them, Jeep is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It’s a lifestyle that embraces adventure and traveling down the road less taken. That’s why it can be so utterly devastating when your Jeep is in a collision.

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Why GM Collision Certification Matters

If you’re a GM owner, you know how important it is to be able to verify quality when it comes to taking care of your car. If you’ve been in a collision, you need to be certain your GM vehicle is getting repaired by a certified GM collision repair expert. At Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul, we offer certified GM repair services to help you get back on the road faster while ensuring the quality you’ve come to expect from General Motors.

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How a Courtesy Car Helps You After an Accident

It happens to all of us at some point. One minute, you’re going about your day as usual and the next, your life has been completely disrupted by an automobile collision. It’s bad enough having to go through the trauma of a car collision, but to top it all off, you’re now going to be stuck without your vehicle for who knows how long.

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