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What is OEM Certified Repair?

Our advanced certification collision team at Suburban Auto Body talks about OEM certified repair. We break down what is meant when we say OEM certified and how that affects your car when it’s time for a collision repair.

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The Ultimate “What to Do After a Car Accident” Checklist

Follow this post-accident checklist from Suburban Auto Body, your trusted Twin Cities auto body repair shop.

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Understanding the Used Car Bubble & What's Coming

The demand for used car sales has grown exponentially due to shortages, but will it end anytime soon? Suburban Auto Body has the answers here for you.

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Why Your Subaru Needs Inspections After a Collision

Going through any collision with your Subaru can be challenging to navigate. This is especially true if the experience was minor, and you may not consider that you need any repair done to the vehicle. This is especially true if the car is new and you don't see any signs of damage. But the truth is there are multiple reasons why scheduling with an auto body shop Is the best course of action, and here's why!

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Help! I Hit a Parked Car

Although most of us like to think we’re pretty good drivers, even the best of us are capable of making a mistake. If that mistake involves damaging a parked car by scratching it or striking it with your vehicle and the other driver isn’t around, it’s important to take the right steps.

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What to Know About Auto Body Repair for Your 2022 BRZ

The 2021 BRZ was a hit with owners, and with the new 2022 model coming out, you need to be ready for any specialized BRZ-specific bodywork, so here's more.

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4 Things to Know About Auto Body Repair for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming a regular and mandatory choice in some areas. But if your car needs auto body repair, you might be wondering what the difference is between an electric and a traditional automobile.

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Common Paintless Dent Repair Myths

No matter how careful you are when you’re driving, acquiring a dent in your vehicle is still possible, especially if you spend much time driving around the Twin Cities. Even if you park your car all the way out at the very edge of the parking lot, your savvy is no match for careless drivers who park near next to you and then slam their doors into your car.

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Smart Tips to Extend Your Vehicle's Lifespan

There’s nothing quite like that new car smell. Rolling off the car lot with a cherry new ride is one of life’s purest pleasures, although showing it off to your friends and coworkers is a close second. And if you’re like most drivers, you’ll make it your mission to baby that ride for as long as possible, parking it far out in parking lots and disallowing snacks and drinks.

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Reasons to Get Superficial Car Crash Damage Repaired Right Away

If you were involved in a minor car accident, your car may have a few scratches or a small ding or dent on it. If you are worried about your insurance rates increasing or live a busy life, you may think that the damage is superficial and put off repairing the damage. However, what looks like minor damage may not be so minor and there can be consequences to not fixing it. Here are a three reasons why it is important to get superficial car crash damage repaired right away.

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