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Tips for Avoiding Road Debris Damage

Protect your vehicle from damage caused by road debris with this advice from the auto body pros at Suburban Auto Body in Minnesota. 

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Help! I Hit a Parked Car

Although most of us like to think we’re pretty good drivers, even the best of us is capable of making a mistake. If that mistake involves damaging a parked car by scratching it or striking it with your vehicle and the other driver isn’t around, it’s important to take the right steps.

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Tips for Avoiding an Auto Accident

Stay safe and avoid an auto accident with these tips from the accident repair team at Suburban Auto Body in Minnesota. 

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Collision Repair Fact and Fiction

Although no one wants to get into an accident, most of us will end up involved in a collision eventually if we drive long enough. When you do end up in need of auto body repair, it can be difficult to sort through the process. To make things even more complicated, there are plenty of confusing rumors going around that muddle up the truth of professional collision repair.

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Key Collision Repair Terms You Should Know

Having your car repaired after you’ve been involved in a collision means having to go without your ride and deal with insurance companies. With all of those details to keep track of, you need the repair process to go as smoothly as possible so you can get back on the road fast.

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Invisible Damage from Rear-End Collisions

Whether you’re in the middle of your commute to work or you’re driving through a parking lot, getting rear-ended is the last thing you need. If you’re in a hurry to get back to your busy life, it might be tempting to shrug off minor rear-end damage if your car appears to only be slightly damaged. But don’t assume your ride is fine without first having it checked out by a professional auto body shop. Many drivers are surprised to learn that their ride can end up with invisible damage after a rear-end collision.

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Why You Should Repair That Minor Bumper Damage

If your city commute has you spending hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic each week, your car is your lifeline. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance all that midday traffic gets you more than just caught up on your favorite podcast. Eventually, there’s a fair chance you’ll get a bumper ding.

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Important Auto Insurance Terms to Know

When you’re involved in a car accident, you’ve got more than your share to deal with. You’re worried about making sure your passengers and the other driver are safe and uninjured. You’re frustrated because you know you’ll have to go without your ride while your car is getting repaired. And you’re probably worried about working with the insurance company to manage your crash repair process. The last thing you need is to get swamped in auto insurance and repair terminology you don’t understand

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Understanding Paintless Dent Repair

It’s winter in the Twin Cities, and with all of the holiday joy comes plenty of wild winter weather. Snow and sleet are two of the most common causes of minor auto body paint damage. Fortunately, thanks to a process known as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), our auto body and paint experts at Suburban Auto Body can easily repair minor winter weather dents. Here’s what you need to know about paintless dent repair for your ride.

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Staying Safe After an Accident During COVID-19

2020 has brought the world quite a few new challenges. While driving a car always comes with a certain amount of minimal risk, if you get into an accident during the pandemic, you’ll need to take extra safeguards.

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