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Why GM Collision Certification Matters

If you’re a GM owner, you know how important it is to be able to verify quality when it comes to taking care of your car. If you’ve been in a collision, you need to be certain your GM vehicle is getting repaired by a certified GM collision repair expert. At Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul, we offer certified GM repair services to help you get back on the road faster while ensuring the quality you’ve come to expect from General Motors.

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How a Courtesy Car Helps You After an Accident

It happens to all of us at some point. One minute, you’re going about your day as usual and the next, your life has been completely disrupted by an automobile collision. It’s bad enough having to go through the trauma of a car collision, but to top it all off, you’re now going to be stuck without your vehicle for who knows how long.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Collision Repair Tech?

When you’re driving around in midday traffic, you’re most likely in a hurry to begin with on most days. The last thing you need added to your busy schedule is to be involved in a vehicle collision that requires you to go without your car for some time. That’s why when you do end up getting into a car accident, you don’t have a lot of time to wait on a repair.

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Getting Your Jeep on Track After a Collision

Jeeps are one of the most beloved vehicles on the road. To those who drive them, Jeep is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It’s a lifestyle that embraces adventure and traveling down the road less taken. That’s why it can be so utterly devastating when your Jeep is in a collision.

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Simple Steps to Winterize Your Car Now

It’s hard to believe October is here already with winter and the holidays right around the corner. As you begin to check off your fall home maintenance list and plan ahead for the holiday season, our team at Suburban Auto Body wants to remind you not to forget your car. There are several important auto maintenance steps you should take ahead of the cold season to get your car ready for the snow and ice.

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Keep This Winter Vehicle Safety Checklist Handy

Winter in Minnesota can turn the Twin Cities into a winter wonderland. But driving on snow and ice can pose serious risks if you’re not prepared. That’s why one of the most important steps you can take is assessing your vehicle’s safety before you set out on the road this holiday season.

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What is OEM Certified Repair?

When your car is damaged from a collision, it’s important to completely understand the repair process. This is especially true if your vehicle is under warranty. Making sure your warranty is kept good and is not compromised during the repair process is one of the most important considerations when you’re scheduling your car for repair.

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The Ultimate “What to Do After a Car Accident” Checklist

Driving in your vehicle is a pleasurable experience anytime of the year. And whether you are on the highway taking a great American road trip or commuting to work in all the seasons, accidents can occur at any time.

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Understanding the Used Car Bubble & What's Coming

If your car has suffered from a collision resulting in needing to call an auto body shop, you may have started looking at used vehicles as an alternative option and found the prices have surged in the last two years. With used car prices reaching an all-time high due to a shortage of much-needed components, the question is being asked of when will the bubble burst? There's no way to tell precisely when this will occur, but it looks like it is on the horizon, so here's more.

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Why Your Subaru Needs Inspections After a Collision

Going through any collision with your Subaru can be challenging to navigate. This is especially true if the experience was minor, and you may not consider that you need any repair done to the vehicle. This is especially true if the car is new and you don't see any signs of damage. But the truth is there are multiple reasons why scheduling with an auto body shop Is the best course of action, and here's why!

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