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The Importance of Using the Same Shop for All Your Body Work

Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul discusses the benefits of working with a shop that understands your vehicles and your driving needs. We talk about how using the same shop for all of your auto bodywork can benefit your car. 

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Should You Repair Dents Before Listing Your Car?

When your car is in a collision, there are some types of damage that clearly need to be repaired. If your front end is seriously damaged or your mirror gets knocked off of the car, there’s no question that damage will have to be repaired. However, if your car sustains only minor damage, you may find yourself wondering if it’s even worth the repair. Because smaller scratches and dents are primarily cosmetic problems and don’t typically impair your vehicle’s functionality, many car owners decide to forgo such a minor repair.

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Keep This Winter Vehicle Safety Checklist Handy

Winter in Minnesota can turn the Twin Cities into a winter wonderland. But driving on snow and ice can pose serious risks if you’re not prepared. That’s why one of the most important steps you can take is assessing your vehicle’s safety before you set out on the road this holiday season.

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Deciding if You Should File an Auto Insurance Claim

Winter is upon us with all of the ice and snow it brings. For drivers in the Twin Cities area, that means the chances of getting involved in an auto collision are increased. On any given day when you get behind the wheel, there’s always the slight possibility that you can end up in a fender bender. But when winter precipitation takes over our state, those chances go up significantly. From minor dents to serious accidents, it’s important to have a good repair team behind you like our certified technicians at Suburban Auto Body. In this blog post, we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons when it comes to deciding whether to file an insurance claim.

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Ten Steps to Keeping Your Vehicle Looking Great

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rolling your car right off the showroom floor when it’s still got that new car smell. We all love our cars, and we want to keep them looking just as good as the day we pick them up over the years. But the sad truth is that can be easier said than done. That’s why it’s not uncommon for new car owners to do everything they can to avoid parking near anyone else or under a tree. No one looks forward to that first little ding in your paint job.

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Avoiding Auto Collisions During the Winter

Winter is right around the corner in Minnesota, and soon the days of hopping right into your vehicle without having to scrape the window will be a memory. City traffic in the Twin Cities is no joke on a bluebird morning, but in the icy cold of a Minnesota winter, it can be downright dangerous. The best way to avoid getting in an accident in the snow and ice that requires repair is to know what to expect before you ever set out on the road.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Collision Repair Tech?

When you’re driving around in midday traffic, you’re most likely in a hurry to begin with on most days. The last thing you need added to your busy schedule is to be involved in a vehicle collision that requires you to go without your car for some time. That’s why when you do end up getting into a car accident, you don’t have a lot of time to wait on a repair.

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Is Minor Bumper Repair Really Necessary?

City traffic can be frustrating, and in the Twin Cities metro area it can be difficult to avoid drivers who care less about their cars than you care about yours. Even if you drive as carefully as possible, accidents can happen to the best of us. It’s not uncommon to end up with a minor bump or ding after a collision in city traffic, and if the damage doesn’t seem sufficient, you may put off the repair. No one likes having to put their car in the shop, and if the damage is barely noticeable, it might seem to be more trouble than it’s worth.

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Why You Should Put Our Number in Your Emergency Contacts

With cooler weather creeping in slowly but steadily, winter is just around the corner. That’s why when you’re behind the wheel of your car, it’s even more important than ever to have a solid safety plan in place so you’ll be protected in case of an emergency. We hope you never find yourself in a car accident, but the truth is that collisions are always a risk when you’re out on the road, especially when the streets are wet or icy.

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How a Courtesy Car Makes Your Life Easier

With winter just around the corner with its often icy and wet streets, it’s not uncommon to see an uptick in minor collisions that involve the need for vehicle body repair. But if you’re like many busy Twin Cities residents, you’ve probably got far too much going on to take time out to put your car in the shop. That’s why so many St. Paul and Minneapolis residents end up putting off repairs until the collision damage to their vehicle becomes a familiar sight.

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