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Deciding if You Should File an Auto Insurance Claim

The expert collision repair technicians at Suburban Auto Body talk about vehicle accidents and insurance claims. We offer our advice to help you through the process of filing an insurance claim. 

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Ten Steps to Keeping Your Vehicle Looking Great

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rolling your car right off the showroom floor when it’s still got that new car smell. We all love our cars, and we want to keep them looking just as good as the day we pick them up over the years. But the sad truth is that can be easier said than done. That’s why it’s not uncommon for new car owners to do everything they can to avoid parking near anyone else or under a tree. No one looks forward to that first little ding in your paint job.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Collision Repair Tech?

When you’re driving around in midday traffic, you’re most likely in a hurry to begin with on most days. The last thing you need added to your busy schedule is to be involved in a vehicle collision that requires you to go without your car for some time. That’s why when you do end up getting into a car accident, you don’t have a lot of time to wait on a repair.

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What is OEM Certified Repair?

When your car is damaged from a collision, it’s important to completely understand the repair process. This is especially true if your vehicle is under warranty. Making sure your warranty is kept good and is not compromised during the repair process is one of the most important considerations when you’re scheduling your car for repair.

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Protect Your Honda With Certified Collision Repair

Hondas are one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. They’re powerful performers and one of the longest-lasting vehicles for everyday driving. It’s not uncommon to see a Honda performing just as well at 200,000 miles as it did at 40K. That’s why as a Honda owner, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance when it’s time for a repair.

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What Our Lifetime Warranty Means for You

We live in a Digital Age where everything is faster and more convenient. In many ways, life is better than ever before. But in many ways, the modern world has ventured far from the craftsmanship and quality of yesterday.

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Tips for Navigating Insurance Claims After a Collision

There are few things more American than a great American highway. But if your vehicle has recently been in a collision, you may find yourself sidelined. The last thing you need is a headache from dealing with insurance companies.

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Does Your Minor Accident Need a Claim?

Minor car accidents can happen from time to time and they may not a huge deal, but you might think that you should be filing a claim for any accident you have. However, this is not always the case, as filing claims could lead to a 20-40 percent increase in your policy rate. Depending on the policy and accident, it might be better if you just paid for the damages out of pocket.

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Why Mazda Certified Collision Care Matters

Mazdas are some of the most reliable vehicles on the market today. Their slogan “Zoom Zoom” captures how fun they are to drive, which is why Minnesotans, like Americans everywhere, love them. If you’re a Mazda owner, you want to do everything you can to keep your car looking and running great. That’s why it’s important to trust only certified Mazda collision care professionals with your Maza collision care when the time comes.

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OEM Parts Versus After-Market Parts: Why it Matters

If you’re in need of vehicle repair and your car is under warranty, you want to do everything you can to avoid compromising your warranty. One of the terms that often comes up during the collision repair process is “OEM parts.” You may find yourself uncertain of the difference between OEM and after-market parts. Many non-certified collision centers will use after-market parts that can void your warranty.

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