There are many hazards that you may encounter while out driving on the road. And unfortunately, many of these hazards can cause damage to your car. Some of the hazards cause damage to the exterior of your car, allowing you to easily see the scratch, ding or dent that occurred. Other hazards cause damage that is hidden or hard to see. If you run over a pot hole, hit a curb, or hit a piece of road debris, such as tire remnants, the underside of your car may be damaged. Since you cannot see the underside, you have to rely on signs that indicate damage was done. Here are a few of the common signs that you need auto body repair after hitting a curb or road debris.


Your Car Veers While You Drive

If you hit something while you are driving, it can cause damage to the underside of the car. Common damage that can occur includes damage to the tire rod or the control arm. The top sign that you have damage to your tire rod and/or control arm is your car veering while you are driving. When you drive, your car should go in a straight, even path unless you turn the wheel. If your car has damage to either of these parts, it will pull to either the left or right. If your car is pulling to one side, you need auto body repair.


Your Car is Delayed When You Turn

Another part that can be damaged if you hit a curb, road debris or a pothole is the steering knuckle. If the steering knuckle is damaged, it can cause delays when you go to turn the wheels of your car. This means you won't be able to turn as quickly or as smoothly as you did before. Typically, you will notice this only when trying to turn in one direction. When trying to turn in the opposite direction, you should not encounter any problems. If you notice this sign, you need auto body repair.


Your Car is Leaking Fluid

The last part of your car that can be damaged when you hit a curb, go over a speed bump too quickly, or hit road debris is the undercarriage of your car. The undercarriage helps to protect many of the parts and lines in your car that carry fluid, including the oil pan and transmission fluid lines. If you notice fluid leaking after you hit something, you have likely damaged the undercarriage of your car. An auto body repair shop will need to fix the damage and stop the leak.


If you have hit a curb, pot hole or road debris, your car may be damaged. If you are showing any of the above signs, repair may be needed. When you need auto body and collision repair in the greater Twin Cities, MN area, Suburban Auto Body is here to help. We are a full-service auto body repair shop located in St. Paul, MN. We offer accident repair, auto body and collision repair, paint services and glass repair. We will work with individual payers or insurance companies. Call us now to schedule an appointment to bring your car in to our shop for an inspection.