When your car is damaged from a collision, it’s important to completely understand the repair process. This is especially true if your vehicle is under warranty. Making sure your warranty is kept good and is not compromised during the repair process is one of the most important considerations when you’re scheduling your car for repair.


At Suburban Auto Body in Minnesota, one of the ways we work with you to keep your vehicle’s warranty is through offering OEM parts. One of the ways non-certified collision centers can end up voiding your warranty or compromising your vehicle’s safety is through the use of after-market parts. In this post, we’ll discuss how advanced repair certification collision centers protect your vehicle through the use of OEM parts and what the term means.


Understanding OEM Parts

If you’re unfamiliar with the term OEM parts, you can easily end up agreeing to after-market parts when you use a non-certified collision repair center. After-market parts can be a good deal if you’re trying to save money and you don’t have a warranty. But the only way to truly guarantee that your vehicle is up to your manufacturer’s specifications is by only using OEM parts during the repair process.


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the parts are manufactured either to your manufacturer’s requirements or they are manufactured by your manufacturer. These parts will be the only parts your manufacturer recommends for your car’s specific year, make, and model.


Certified Collision Repair Center

Generally, OEM parts are only offered by collision centers with advanced repair certification through their company’s required training. These certifications typically require several members of a collision team to undergo ongoing training and be audited annually to maintain their certification.


When a collision center has certification for a specific manufacturer, that means they are fully up to speed on that manufacturer’s technology and equipment. This is especially important with all of the rapidly changing technology currently underway in the automotive industry.


At Suburban Auto, our technicians have advanced certifications from these manufacturers:


●        Honda and Acura

●        Ford

●        Dodge

●        Chrysler

●        GM

●        SRT

●        Jeep

●        Fiat


Contact Our Twin Cities Advanced Certified Collision Repair and OEM Shop

When it comes to keeping your vehicle at its top level of performance and safety, don’t trust your ride to an unauthorized collision repair shop. At Suburban Auto Body, we bring a high level of expertise and advanced certification to every repair. That’s why you can trust our technicians for your OEM parts. To learn more about our collision repair or schedule yours, speak to our certified collision team 651.633.8900, or contact us to get a free estimate.