If you’re a GM owner, you know how important it is to be able to verify quality when it comes to taking care of your car. If you’ve been in a collision, you need to be certain your GM vehicle is getting repaired by a certified GM collision repair expert. At Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul, we offer certified GM repair services to help you get back on the road faster while ensuring the quality you’ve come to expect from General Motors.

We’re part of the GM certified customer repair network of certified auto collision repair centers with expertise in GM vehicles. We’ve put together this guide to explain how GM certified repair helps you verify quality when you’re getting your auto collision repair.

        1.  GM Centers Use Genuine GM Parts

One of the ways GM ensures quality when it comes to their authorized repair centers is by making sure their collision experts fully understand what it takes to keep a GM running at top performance.

That means making sure all of their collision centers carry only genuine GM collision parts, or manufacturer-recommended parts made by GM, which use the same exact process and materials as your vehicle’s original parts. This keeps your warranty intact and verifies that every part is durable and up to GM specifications.

       2.  GM Certified Centers Know GM Engineering

Another way GM guarantees quality when you use a GM collision center is through specialized training. This ensures that all of our collision repair experts completely understand the engineering that goes into a GM vehicle. That means we have specialized experience in working with GM sheet metal, airbag systems, fascias, bumpers, and grills.

       3.  GM Centers Only Use Certified Parts

When you take your car to a GM certified collision center, you know that every part we put on your car is a genuine GM part. We avoid using any parts that are not up to GM standards. Using nonstandard parts can void your GM warranty, but it can also cause serious risk for your car’s integrity and durability. Too often, those parts come from unknown origins and may have been involved in a previous accident. They are also not tested or up to GM standards.

      4.  GM Certified Centers Use the Right Tools

With all the technological advances for your GM vehicle, specialized diagnostic equipment is needed to complete certain repairs. Choosing a certified center means you will get the most streamlined technology available to help ensure the diagnosis is correct and the repair is done correctly. 

In addition, as vehicles are being designed to run for longer periods, there's a greater demand for the appropriate tools for whatever issues arise. GM has over 20 specific types of instruments that are required to help the technicians work more effectively. From specialized spark plug sockets to seal axe removers, your GM vehicle has unique requirements that only a certified center is going to be able to provide.

      5.  GM Certified Centers Means Getting an Expert for Your Vehicle

Vehicle issues can arise at any time and typically when you least expect them to happen. From tire issues to more complex problems with electrical components, you don't want to trust just anyone to work on your GM. Regardless of the situation, when you work with a certified center, they will have the appropriate skills and training to help identify and repair the issue more efficiently.

      6.  GM Certified Centers Can Save You Money

You need quality work completed by the repair shop, and many mechanics may be competent at diagnosing issues but not have the right skills required for the certification. This means you're taking a risk, and if the individual doesn't know how to work on your vehicle effectively, you may have to return it to be repaired again, taking more time out of your day and money out of your pocket.

But when you choose a certified center, the mechanic working on your vehicle has to pass the National Institute for Automotive Service's Excellence testing. This requires being willing to put in the effort and spend time demonstrating that they have the knowledge to work on your GM.

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