If you're ever in a car accident, (we sure hope it doesn't happen!) you know that you can rely on Suburban Auto Body for excellent accident repair and service, but do you know what steps you should take immediately following the accident? We have compiled this list of important steps to take after a fender bender for you to keep in the back of your mind just in case it ever happens to you.

Stop and Make Sure Everyone is Safe

If you have been in an accident, no matter how small, don't ever drive away. Make sure that you, your passengers and others involved in the accident are safe. You can create a safer accident scene by setting up road flares and turning on your emergency flashers. Keep a flashlight in your car in case you are involved in an accident at night. 

Call the Police

When the police arrive, be sure to tell them exactly what happened. Tell the officers if you are uncertain of any facts. The officers may ask if you are injured, and if you are not certain, tell them as such because the pain from car accidents often isn't noticeable until hours later.

Exchange Information

The police will compile a report, but you will need to obtain information from the others in the accident for insurance purposes and possibly legal purposes. Download Suburban Auto Body's Accident Checklist so you will know exactly what information to ask for and to help you keep a detailed record. Save this record along with all the other information you will receive from your insurance provider.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Insurance providers often require immediate notification, and they will need all of the information you have about the accident so they can help cover expenses related to the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don't feel hurt immediately after the accident, you should seek medical attention. The impact from auto accidents, even at low speeds, can cause serious damage. If you lost consciousness or felt dazed, be sure to get checked for a head injury or concussion.

Know that Suburban Auto Body is always there for your car accident repair needs, and will always provide you with excellent care and the best service if you ever have an accident.