Every car enthusiast eventually needs an auto body shop and the services they provide. Hopefully it’s for graphics and custom painting rather than dents from minor parking lot benders. Regardless, a body shop provides an invaluable service when needed. There are a few considerations to evaluate when choosing a body shop to assure your car is fixed according to your standards and is going to look great and drive well when you get it back on the road.


Mechanics are not historically known as having a professional attitude, but in today’s world it’s becoming more common as modern cars require more education to work on than ever before. The shop should be able to give you an accurate estimate before beginning work. Furthermore, the shop should appear clean and efficient for the most part. Understand, the nature of the work conducted there prevents it from being quite as clean as a writer’s office, but if the shop looks dirty and unorganized you can expect the work to be the same.

Aluminum and Fiberglass

In the old days, car bodies were made of steel and had specific methods of repair. Modern cars use different materials, including aluminum and fiberglass. The body shop technicians should be familiar with each of the materials and understand the nuances of repairing them. Just as important, the technicians should understand when a body part can even be repaired and when it simply has to be replaced, or in some cases either approach can be conducted so experience dictates which will be the most efficient.

Mechanics of a Car

Even though the technicians are familiar with the full function of a car and are capable of making mechanical repairs, some body shops will only conduct body work. A great body shop should be able to conduct mechanical repairs, or at the least any scheduled maintenance, while they have your car. This is especially important after a wreck as you don’t want to have to take your car to several different shops to complete the full repairs and get your car back on the road.

Body shops today aren’t the same as what they were in the 60’s and 70’s. Different makes and models of cars have lower tolerances for adjustments and have much more specific routines to conduct repairs. Modern technicians and mechanics have more in depth training to understand how to make the repairs quickly and efficiently. When choosing a body shop, consider the experience the shop brings to the job you need done so you can rest assured knowing your car will be fixed right the first time.