Whether you drive a commuter or you curate a stable of classic cars, it’s important to know which auto body shop is experienced and capable of performing your car’s auto body needs. Chances are good that at some point during the life of your vehicle, you’ll need an expert body shop for anything from minor dents and dings to custom paint. You don’t want to trust your vehicle with just any technician. You need a car collision repair team with certification in repairs for your make and model along with access to the right parts for the job. 


When it comes to certification and auto body experience, your auto body repair team at Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul is experienced with a wide range of vehicles. In this blog post, we’ll share our best advice for choosing the right collision repair team for your make and model.


When choosing your auto body repair team, consider the following:

1.   Technical Experience

In the early days of car repair, cars were generally pretty simple machines. Most cars produced during the previous century were manufactured using steel. However, today’s cars are made using a wide range of materials.


A skilled body shop technician will understand the nuances of working with materials like fiberglass or aluminum. They will also be able to make the right judgment as to whether a part should be repaired or replaced entirely both for efficiency and safety.

2.   Professional Service

When you consider the stereotype of an auto mechanic, you probably don’t think of professionalism first. That’s because historically, car mechanics have typically been represented as rough-around-the-edges greasers.


But in reality, modern cars require a high level of experience and professional training, and car technicians on modern cars should exhibit professionalism to match that high level of education and skill. Measure a shop’s level of professionalism by the accuracy of their estimate, the cleanliness of the shop, and the politeness of the technicians you work with.

3.   The Right Certifications

Today’s car manufacturers hold a high standard for repairing their vehicles. Many require specific certification that includes training to work on their vehicles. The Automotive Society of Engineers also offers certifications and testing for auto body repair technicians.

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No one likes to think about the possibility that they’ll need accident repair. But sooner or later, it can happen to anyone. The key is to have a great repair team on your side to contact when it does.


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