When your vehicle is in need of a new part, finding the most affordable and reliable option is essential. Many vehicle owners are faced with the decision of choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts for their replacement.


Understanding the difference between these two options will help you select the part that’s best for your car’s specific needs.

What is an OEM Part?

A common term you may hear in the world of machines and vehicles is OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer.


If a product is labeled as OEM, that means that it was made by the same manufacturer that made the vehicle.


These parts are typically highly compatible with the vehicle, making them reliable replacement pieces.

What is an Aftermarket Part?

Aftermarket parts are created by companies that are separate from the vehicle’s manufacturer. They design vehicle parts that can fit within a wide range of vehicle makes and models. 


Because aftermarket parts aren’t crafted with a specific vehicle in mind, they’re typically less expensive than OEM.


However, because they lack the optimal vehicle fit that OEM has, they’re a less reliable option.

OEM or Aftermarket Parts: Which Should You Choose?

Because of their different designs and manufacturing process, OEM and aftermarket parts hold several distinctions.


While aftermarket parts are more affordable, you can expect lower quality and diminished performance with that option. Aftermarket parts are usually created with cheaper materials and a one-size-fits-all approach.


Alternatively, an OEM that’s created with your vehicle’s specific operations in mind will fit in better with its design and performance.


Additionally, by opting for aftermarket parts, you may be missing out on helpful warranties. OEM parts are typically included in the vehicle company’s warranty regulations, whereas aftermarket parts aren’t.


When it comes time to choose the replacement part for your vehicle, consider these differences and weigh the pros and cons of each characteristic. Work with a professional auto specialist to ensure you pick the best part for your vehicle.

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