Paintless dent repair is a fast and effective way of enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and security. While vehicle owners may know paintless dent repair is a good option for their dents and dings, the process behdin PDR isn’t always clear to the nonexpert.


To make a dent repair successful, professional auto body specialists follow certain techniques. A reputable and trustworthy auto repair company will follow a thorough paintless dent repair process to bring your vehicle back to its original appearance.


At Suburban Auto Body, we practice the following PDR techniques.

Thoroughly Assess the Damage

Conducting a professional inspection of the vehicle’s body damage is essential for determining the restoration process.


Auto body specialists will take note of the number of dents on the body and their sizes to determine whether the dent can be thoroughly eliminated with a paintless dent repair service.


After inspection, the specialists will prepare the vehicle for the service.

Carefully Access the Dent

Successful dent removal often requires rear side access to the dent.


To access this area, the auto body specialists will remove various exterior panels, fenders, and other pieces.


After gaining access to the back side of the dent, specialists will begin the removal process.

Gain a Good View of the Dent

Before the auto body specialists can move the dent outward, they’ll need a good, clear view of the damage.


Using specialized, high-quality lights, the repairmen will look for the exact place where the removal will need to take place.


The lights will typically cast a unique shadow on the auto body, indicating the dented area.

Remove the Dent

Finally, once the repairmen have a good visual and premium access to the dent, they’ll utilize pressure to move the material outward and back to its original position.


Using high-end equipment and advanced tools, the auto body specialists are able to slowly and carefully massage the dent out of the vehicle’s surface.

Customer Approval

After the auto body specialist has successfully removed all of the dents, they’ll turn to you, the customer, for final approval.


They’ll provide you with a thorough walkthrough of their process and show you exactly where they removed the dents.


They won’t count the job as complete until the customer is completely satisfied.

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