Many people do not realize it, but repairing damage to the body of a car is a bit more challenging in colder weather. This is because the cold weather can affect accident repair. As such, it is important to find a repair shop that knows how cold weather can affect your car and what steps need to be taken to ensure the repairs are properly made. Here at Suburban Auto Body, we know how cold weather can be damaging when auto repairs are done and we take steps to prevent this damage. Here are a few of the ways cold weather can affect accident repair and how we manage this issue.


The Metal Can Become Damaged When Doing Dent Removal

One of the biggest problems that one can face when doing car accident repair in cold weather is the metal on the car becoming damaged. If a dent is pulled or pounded out when the metal is cold, it can cause cracks in the metal or in the paint around the metal. This can be damaging and can lead to more extensive repairs being needed. The best way to combat this is to heat up the metal before the dent or ding is removed. The metal should not be heated up too much though, as it can make the metal soft. As such, we slowly heat up the metal to ensure that we can pull or pound a dent out without causing more damage.


Paint Can Crack or Take Longer to Dry

The other major way that weather can affect accident repair is by paint taking longer to dry in cold temperatures. Freezing weather can also cause paint that is drying to crack or flake off, rather than fully curing. The best way to combat this is by placing just painted cars in a temperature-controlled garage and giving the car a bit more time to dry than would otherwise be needed. While you may want your car back right away, allowing it a few more hours to dry helps to ensure that the paint is fully cured and will not flake or chip off in the future.


If your car has been involved in an accident, you need an experienced auto repair shop that can properly repair your car and make it look good as new. Suburban Auto Body is a full-service auto body repair shop serving the greater St. Paul, MN area. We have the experience to fix your car right in all weather conditions. Call us now to schedule an appointment to have your car repaired.