It’s hard to believe it’s already winter here in the Twin Cities. But we’ve already had plenty of snow this year, and if that’s any indication of what’s to come, we’ve got plenty more on the horizon. With all of that snow and ice, it’s natural to be concerned when you’re out on the road.


Fortunately, if you do end up in a winter fender bender this year, our auto body and paint team at Suburban Auto Body is here to get you back on track fast. While we love helping drivers get back on the road, we want you to stay safe. That’s why in this post, we’re sharing helpful tips to keep you safe while you’re out in traffic on slick winter roads this season. If you are involved in a fender bender, give us a call.

Check Your Emergency Supplies

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an aphorism that rings especially true if you’re planning to drive in snow. Try to imagine scenarios in which you could break down and need to walk or wait for help. Keep your gas tank full so you don’t risk running out of gas in the snow. It’s also advisable to dress warmly and keep a fully charged portable power bank and cable for your phone in case of an emergency.


Make sure you have the following emergency supplies inside your vehicle at all times:


●        Snow brush/ice scraper

●        First aid kit

●        Tire gauge

●        Lug wrench/jack

●        Flashlight

●        Extra batteries

●        Jumper cables

●        Extra mittens, hats, and socks

●        Hand warmers

●        Blankets

●        Flares

●        Bag of sand or cat litter

●        Small shovel

●        Duct tape

●        Non-perishable snacks and bottled water

How to Handle a Skid

If you end up skidding or sliding on ice, knowing how to handle your vehicle while remaining calm can mean the difference between a close call and a collision. As you feel your vehicle begin to slide, immediately remove your foot from the accelerator. Resist the urge to hit the brakes as this can cause you to lose complete control of your vehicle. Most modern vehicles come with anti-lock brake systems that can stop safely on the ice. However, if you drive an older vehicle, you’ll need to pump your brakes rather than hit them hard.


Avoid oversteering as this can cause you to slide out of control. Instead, wait until your tires begin to spin again to take control of your vehicle.

Call Our St. Paul Car Accident Repair Pros

If you’re involved in a car accident this winter, contact our team at Suburban Auto Body. We offer Suburban EZ services to make the repair process easier. Give us a call at 651-633-8900 or connect with us online to get a free quote on auto body and collision repair services.