As the world pulls together to keep ourselves and our communities safe during this difficult time, driving can be a welcome respite from the challenges posed by social distancing. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving with the windows down, enjoying the fresh air blowing in with the open road stretched out ahead of you. But if you’re in need of auto body repair during this time, you may find yourself wondering about the risk of taking your car into the shop.


At Suburban Auto Body Shop, we have always believed in doing everything we can to keep our clients safe, which is why we’re committed to providing expert certified auto body repairs. It’s also why we’re taking extra precautions right now to keep our drivers safe so they don’t have to postpone getting their cars back on track. Read on to learn how we keep Twin Cities drivers as safe as possible before, during, and after the repair process.

Our Commitment to You

One of the ways we stand apart at Suburban Auto Body is through our commitment to safety and convenience. We’ve always believed it’s important to make life as easy as possible for our clients during the repair process. That’s because we understand how frustrating and difficult it can be to go without our own rides for any amount of time.


When your car needs to be repaired, putting it off may mean allowing your car to sit parked. Keeping your car off the road for too long can end up causing a host of problems once you’re ready to take it out again. Fortunately, all of the extra steps we take to help make the repair process go smoothly can also help protect drivers from the risk of COVID-19 so you don’t have to put off repairs.

Suburban EZ Service

Whether you’re taking extra precautions these days or you just love the convenience, you can’t go wrong with Suburban EZ service. Suburban EZ is all about simplifying the process of taking your car into the shop. Give us a call and we’ll meet you to leave you with a sanitized rental or courtesy car to drive while we take yours into the shop. Or for completely contact-free service, drop your car off and leave your keys in a key dropbox.


While your car is in the shop, our go-to guy will keep in touch with you so you know everything that’s going on with your vehicle throughout the repair process. We’ll stay in touch with you via text so you can see every stage of your repair without having to come into our shop.

Here are a few more ways we keep you safe when working on your car:


●        Following CDC guidelines

●        Offering online estimates and payment

●        Sanitizing your vehicle after the repair

●        Following manufacturer’s guidelines on repairs

●        Offering OEM parts

Schedule Your Twin Cities Auto Body and Collision Repair

Whether you’ve been putting off dent repair or you’ve recently been involved in a fender bender, you don’t have to put off repairs to stay safe. Our expert auto body technicians have been prioritizing auto safety for more than four decades because we care about our customers and community.


To schedule your collision repair, connect with a member of our Suburban Auto Body team at 651-633-8900 or contact us on the web for a completely free estimate today.