Any Acura owner can tell you there’s no ride that compares in terms of reliability and style. Acuras are a popular brand of luxury vehicle for plenty of reasons. Unlike other manufacturers that focus on power and pushing the edge, Acura embraces safety, comfort, efficiency, and reliable performance. When your Acura needs auto body work, it’s important to use a certified Acura collision repair shop.


At Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul, we are certified in collision repair for a wide range of makes and models including Acura. Here’s everything you need to know about certified Acura repair.

OEM Parts from Your Acura Body Shop

When repairing any make and model, it’s always better to use OEM parts, another term for the manufacturer’s original parts. This helps to ensure that the safety systems and performance of the vehicle are not compromised due to the collision and repair. When nonstandard parts are placed in an Acura, the possibility also arises that the part will not work well with the other standard components of the vehicle.


Nonstandard aftermarket parts are manufactured more widely and cheaply than ever before. Because they’re typically created using reverse engineering, they are not always up to the manufacturer’s specifications or created with the same quality standard. While an experienced technician can help you decide which copies are best if you’re trying to save, there is no substitute for the genuine article when it comes to Acura OEM. 


There are three main kinds of non-OEM parts:


●        Used Parts- In some cases, a non-certified collision center will “borrow” an OEM or non-OEM part from a similar vehicle. If it looks acceptable upon a cursory visual inspection, they will go ahead and install it.


●        Salvaged Parts- When vehicles are totaled and left in a salvage yard, sometimes non-certified mechanics will harvest their parts.


●        Rebuilt Parts- Imitation and OE parts are sometimes disassembled and rebuilt after damaged or unusable parts are removed. They are then sold by an aftermarket parts dealer.


Following Manufacturer’s Guidelines

When you take your Acura to the shop, the goal should always be to get your vehicle as close as possible to its original condition from driving capabilities to safety features. On every vehicle that undergoes repair, the structural integrity needs to be just as good as it was when it first rolled off the showroom floor. That’s why many manufacturers like Acura require certified technicians to keep the warranty valid.


Of course, you also want to bring your Acura back to its original style and appearance as well. Our certified Acura team can help you get your vehicle looking like it did before the collision thanks to advanced training from Acura.

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