With winter just around the corner with its often icy and wet streets, it’s not uncommon to see an uptick in minor collisions that involve the need for vehicle body repair. But if you’re like many busy Twin Cities residents, you’ve probably got far too much going on to take time out to put your car in the shop. That’s why so many St. Paul and Minneapolis residents end up putting off repairs until the collision damage to their vehicle becomes a familiar sight.


If you’ve been living with unsightly damage because you’re worried about the inconvenience of vehicle repair, let our team of collision repair pros at Suburban Auto Body help.  Our certified technicians offer a Suburban EZ program which includes a courtesy car to make your life easier. In this post, we’ll talk about how our courtesy car program works to simplify the repair process and get you back on the road faster.


Taking the Frustration Out of Repairs

It’s not uncommon to dread the idea of taking your car into the shop. To begin with, just knowing that your car needs to be repaired can be incredibly frustrating. It can also be worrisome to leave your vehicle in the hands of someone you don’t know, especially if you aren’t familiar with the repair process. But most importantly, managing your daily life without a vehicle can be next to impossible if you live in the Twin Cities. That’s where our Suburban EZ service comes in to make things as simple and expedient as possible.


Here are just a few ways we stand out when it comes to service:


●        Key-to-key service

●        A personal go-to shop representative

●        Advanced repair certifications


Our Suburban EZ Service Comes to You

When you use our Suburban EZ service, one of our representatives from Suburban Auto Body will come to your workplace or home depending on what’s most convenient for you. We’ll meet with you to trade keys, leaving you with a courtesy car so you don’t have to spend one minute without a vehicle. Our representative will drive your car back to our shop so you’ll have a vehicle to drive the entire time we’re working on your repair.


Our goal is to provide as little disruption to your life as possible. Once we’ve finished conducting our repairs, we’ll set up a time to meet with you again and exchange vehicles.


Personalized Support Throughout the Process

If worrying about your car’s progress during the repair process sounds like a headache you don’t need, we’ve got you covered there, too. While you wait for your vehicle to be repaired, you won’t need to call to learn the status of your vehicle’s repair. Each of our clients is assigned a personal contact who oversees the repairs to their vehicle. You’ll be able to call them anytime you have a question arise.


Once your repair is complete, we’ll provide you with a courtesy detail, which means your vehicle will arrive back home completely clean and ready for the road. When your personal contact brings your vehicle back to you, we can explain the entire repair process and answer any questions you may have for us.


Trust Suburban Auto for Twin Cities Certified Collision Repair

If you’ve been putting off a vehicle repair for far too long, you deserve the high-quality service offered by Suburban Auto Body’s Suburban EZ program. Whether you’re in need of Honda certified collision repair or Ford OEM manufacturer’s parts, our advanced collision repair team is here to simplify the process.


Call our collision center today to arrange for your key-to-key service. Speak to a member of our team at 651.633.8900, or contact us for a free estimate.