Picture this: You’re out running errands, and in your hurry to get everything done on time, you end up putting a minor dent in your fender. It’s barely noticeable, so you wonder if you should even bother with auto body repair. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? While it’s true that a repair might be so minor it’s barely noticeable, sometimes it’s not a great idea to put off getting it fixed.


The Suburban Auto Body technicians in St. Paul understand that time you expect to spend without your car can be difficult to carve out in the middle of a busy life. That’s why we work with drivers to help them get through minor repairs as quickly as possible so they don’t have to risk minor problems becoming more serious when repairs are ignored.

Why We Procrastinate on Repairs

To err is human, but so is procrastination. Between juggling family, work, and life, the thought of putting everything on hold to repair a minor ding or scratch might seem like a bit much.


Although most minor car repairs can be accomplished in a short time frame without much of a financial expense, it’s fairly common for car owners to postpone getting them fixed. But there are plenty of times when putting off minor auto body repair is not a good idea.


Never procrastinate on these repairs:


●        Bad Alignment- If you’ve hit a curb or done something to interfere with your car’s alignment, it’s easy enough to cope by turning the steering wheel slightly in most cases. But it’s only going to get worse over time, and in the meantime, this misalignment will wear down your tires fast. Don’t put off this important repair.


●        Headlight or Taillight Damage- If your tail light or headlight is damaged, you’re required by law to repair it immediately. But putting off a repair could lead to much more than a ticket. It’s dangerous to drive with a broken or missing headlight or taillight and could lead to a serious collision.


●        Scratches in the Paint- Your paint protects your car against rust. Repairing a scratch early can prevent the metal underneath from damage over time. It can also keep the scratch from worsening.

Repairing Your Car’s Minor Auto Body and Paint Issues

In addition to the above repairs, any damage to your car can lower your car’s value. If you’re worried about spending time without a car, we offer key-to-key service and rental vehicles while you wait for your repair so you’re never without a ride. With Suburban EZ, we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the repair process. You’ll even be able to check your car’s status online.

Call Our St. Paul Certified Auto Body and Car Accident Repair

If you’ve been avoiding bringing your car in for a minor scratch or dent, give us a call. We’ll work with you to help minimize the inconvenience from key hand-off to final inspection.


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