The last thing you need on your commute to work is an unexpected collision. Even if the damage is minimal, an auto accident can leave you feeling shaken up and nervous about getting behind the wheel again. Unfortunately, even the most careful drivers can end up in a collision under the right set of circumstances.


At Suburban Auto Body in Minnesota, our job is to make getting back on the road easier after an accident. In this post, we’re sharing advice to help you avoid or minimize future accidents. When you do need collision repair, give us a call to get back on the road faster.


Follow this advice to minimize your chance of a collision:

1.   Never Drive While Distracted

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. In addition to distractions like changing the radio and other occupants in the vehicle, smartphones are a serious threat to driving safety. To minimize the chance of a driving distraction, consider installing hands-free technology so you can safely change the music or get directions. And never text while driving.

2.   Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Far too many car accidents are caused by a lack of maintenance. When your brakes aren’t working, you’re at risk of a rear-end collision every time you get behind the wheel. Be sure to have your tires rotated regularly and replace them when the tread begins to wear. Have your brakes checked often and be sure to inspect your brake lights and turn signals.

3.   Be Careful in Parking Lots

Although your backup camera can make it easier to see directly behind your vehicle when backing up, be aware that when cars are driving too fast, you may not clearly see them until it’s too late. Make sure you have a complete view of any cars that are coming before backing up. Additionally, avoid parking close to other vehicles when possible.

4.   Drive Defensively

Always be on the lookout for the mistakes of other drivers. Driving defensively means driving with plenty of space to react if someone swerves into your lane, turns in front of you, or slams on the brakes suddenly.

5.   Avoid Road Rage Incidents

Emotions can run high when you’re stuck in traffic. But you never want to increase your chance of a dangerous road rage incident by driving aggressively or escalating tensions with another driver. Do your best to let dangerous drivers move ahead past you and worry about getting safely home.

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