Many businesses have fleets of autos. This means you have multiple automobiles that are used and driven by various employees to complete their job. However, maintaining and repairing these automobiles can be a chore. Some companies may be tempted to use different mechanics or auto body repair shops when the car needs work. But there are benefits to sticking to just one mechanic and one auto body shop. These are three benefits to staying loyal to on auto service shop for all of your fleet auto needs.

They Have Your Records

One of the biggest benefits to using one mechanic is that they will have all of your records on file in one place. You may not remember what auto body work you had done to one fleet vehicle or when the last time another had an oil change was. When you have questions, you can simply go back to the mechanic you use and ask them. They will have it all on file. Some may even be able to send you reminders of when regular maintenance is due and on which vehicle, helping you to ensure all of your cars get the car they need.

You Develop a Relationship With Each Other

Another benefit to using just one mechanic for your fleet auto services needs is that you develop a relationship with each other. You get to know each other and a level of trust is created. The mechanic may get to know your business needs and may be able to work around your hours or schedule and likewise, you may get to know their schedule and know when the best time to bring vehicles in for repair or maintenance is. It can be hard to trust some auto repair shops, so developing a relationship with one helps you to trust when they say something needs to be repaired.

You May Get Discounts

The last  benefit to using one mechanic for all of your fleet auto services is that you may get discounts. If you have a large number of vehicles in your fleet and you stay loyal to one shop, they may reward you with a discount for bulk repairs.

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