The end of summer and early fall is the perfect time to have your car inspected for rust. If any rust is noticed, it should be removed immediately. Rust can eat away at metal, causing it to weaken. This can make it more susceptible to damage in an accident, and less likely to properly protect you and your family. When you hear that now is the perfect time to have your car inspected and rust removed, you may be wondering why. Here are three reasons why you will want to have rust removed before winter hits and how Suburban Auto Body can help.


Rain Can Cause Rust to Spread

One of the reasons why you want rust removed before winter hits is because rain can cause rust to spread. When it rains, the rust particles that can cause rust spread down your car. If you have a scratch or chip on the paint of your car, the rust particles can settle, and more rust can form. We can remove rust from your car, ensuring it won't spread.


Water Can Seep in Rust Holes

When rust has been sitting for a long time, it can eat through metal. This can leave you with holes. When it rains or snows, water can seep in these holes, leaving you with water damage or a car that smells like mildew. If the hole is large, you will be able to spot it yourself. But typically, these are small pinhole sized holes that the average person will not see or notice. We can identify holes and fill them in before water can seep in.


Road Salt Can Lead to Corrosion

The last reason why now is the perfect time to have your car inspected for rust damage is that road salt can lead to corrosion, which invites rust in. Suburban Auto Body can examine your car for any paint flaws or imperfections that allow the area to become corroded. Sealed paint and metal won't corrode. If we notice any unsealed paint or metal, we will seal it before winter hits, and road salts have a chance to wreak havoc on your car.


If you have rust on your car that you needs to be removed, or you have any other auto body work that you need to be done, turn to Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul MN. We are an auto body repair shop that can help with auto body and collision repair, accident repair, paint repairs, glass repairs, insurance repairs, dent removal and rust removal. If you are in need of auto body services in the greater Twin Cities area, call us today to schedule an appointment with Suburban Auto Body.