Summer road trips are right around the corner, and that means Minnesotans from all over are getting ready to head out on the highway. Although you can take every possible precaution to drive defensively and avoid a collision, America’s highways are filled with potential hazards in the form of road debris. From big truck tire blowouts to debris falling off of trailers ahead of your vehicle, unexpected road debris can end with collision repair if you’re not careful.


In this post from Suburban Auto Body in Minnesota, we’re sharing our top advice for protecting your vehicle and its passengers from road debris damage while traveling. Follow this advice and then give us a call for all of your auto body and repair needs.

1.   Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of auto collisions today, and mobile phones are the number one culprit. Keep your phone out of sight and out of mind while you’re driving since debris can cause a collision in a fraction of a second.

2.   Maintain a Safe Distance

Driving too close to other vehicles can end in a collision if the car in front of you suddenly has to slam on the brakes because of debris on the road. Maintaining the correct distance using the three-second rule is your best bet for avoiding a collision through defensive driving. Remember that cars driving in midday traffic and highway speeds are less likely to stop for debris, which means you could have to swerve at any time.

3.   Remain Alert

Just as you drive defensively when you’re in traffic, you should also drive with an awareness of potential road debris hazards so you can swerve to avoid them at any time. Additionally, never drive behind a trailer or truck with a poorly secured load or an overstuffed bed as items can suddenly fly out and impact your vehicle. If you do encounter debris in the road, slow down as much as possible but avoid slamming on your brakes as this can cause the car behind you to collide with your vehicle.

Avoid Creating Road Debris

Besides driving safely to avoid an impact due to road debris, you should also take care to avoid creating road debris with your vehicle. Anytime you’re traveling with an object attached to your vehicle, first ensure it is securely attached by double-checking your cargo. Additionally, never overload your truck bed or cargo.

How to Handle Road Debris Auto Body Damage

If your vehicle does become damaged due to highway debris, contact our car accident repair pros at Suburban Auto Body right away by calling us at 651-633-8900 or contact us online.


Our technicians offer comprehensive accident repair and auto body services that start with a free quote on your auto bodywork. We also offer OEM-certified repairs for GM, Acura, Ford, Honda, Jeep, and many more makes and models. Give us a call to schedule your Minnesota auto body repair!