When you’re involved in a car accident, you’ve got more than your share to deal with. You’re worried about making sure your passengers and the other driver are safe and uninjured. You’re frustrated because you know you’ll have to go without your ride while your car is getting repaired. And you’re probably worried about working with the insurance company to manage your crash repair process. The last thing you need is to get swamped in auto insurance and repair terminology you don’t understand.


At Suburban Auto Body, our Twin Cities accident repair technicians are used to working with claimants on insurance repair. We’re sharing some of the most common insurance terms you’ll encounter during the claims process in today’s post. Give us a call to get started on your painless insurance repair process today!


●        Carrier: Your insurance company is also referred to as your insurance carrier. This simply means they carry or issue your insurance policy. More specifically, they carry the risks associated with holding the policy.


●        Claim: Your insurance claim is your request for the carrier to pay out on your insurance policy in the event of a collision.


●        Claimant: When you need to start the car crash repair claim process, you’re the claimant.


●        Additional Insured: In addition to the claimant, there may be an additional person other than the main insured individual who may also be covered by the claim.


●        Coverage: Your coverage includes the protections and benefits named under your insurance policy. Coverage can vary from one policy to the next under the same carrier. That’s why it’s important to understand the terms of your coverage before you file a claim.


●        Deductible: Your deductible is a set amount that you or the responsible party is required to pay toward your car crash repair before the insurance company pays out on the claim.


●        Exclusion: Anything that isn’t covered under your insurance policy is known as an exclusion. Certain types of driving are considered exclusions. One example of such an exclusion might be racing your car, which is not typically covered under standard auto insurance policies.


●        Steering: When your insurance company recommends you use a specific repair shop, this is known as steering. You have the legal right to use any shop you want for auto repair after a collision no matter what your company tells you. At Suburban Auto Body, our technicians are certified in a wide range of makes and models including GM collision repair, Jeep collision repair, and more.

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