A car is a carefully engineered machine, and modern automobiles are designed with safety central to their design. A car’s frame is designed for strength and built to take a high level of damage in the event of a collision. A key component to its design is a car’s crumple zone, a feature manufactured to protect the car’s passengers during a crash.


At Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul, our professional auto body and collision repair experts can help you get your car back on the road after a collision. In this blog post, we’ll talk about crumple zones and how they affect your repair.

The Origin of Crumple Zones

In the early days of automobile manufacturing, driving could be a dangerous business. Early cars offered very few safety features. Most of today’s safety features on modern cars emerged as a reaction to accidents that often cost lives before designers adapted safer rides.


Today’s cars are manufactured using modern physics principles. That’s where the crumple zone comes in. A crumple zone is meant to reduce the impact on a car’s internal occupants, protecting everyone inside as much as possible during an accident.

Understanding Crumple Zone Physics

According to the laws of physics, mass times acceleration equals force. In other words, if you can slow a car crash down, the force will also become reduced, making it safer for the car’s occupants. In essence, the crumple zone works with these principles to help reduce the effect of the impact on the occupants. A car can be repaired, but a human may be injured permanently during a serious accident. But in order to protect those inside, a crumple zone must sustain significant damage.

Repairing Your Car’s Crumple Zones

To repair your car’s crumple zones after a collision, your auto body repair shop uses special equipment to straighten the frame. We can use this equipment to restore your car’s frame to its original condition. In many cases, your car’s suspension will also need to be repaired. We’ll also address body issues including bumper and fender damage.


We can help with all of the following:


●        Aluminum certified repair

●        Paintless dent repair

●        OEM parts

●        Advanced repair certifications

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When your car is in an accident, a well-designed crumple zone keeps you and everyone inside it safe. After the dust settles and everyone is okay, you want to do everything you can to get back on the road fast.


At Suburban Auto Body, we can help get your car safe and road-ready again fast.

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