City traffic can be frustrating, and in the Twin Cities metro area it can be difficult to avoid drivers who care less about their cars than you care about yours. Even if you drive as carefully as possible, accidents can happen to the best of us. It’s not uncommon to end up with a minor bump or ding after a collision in city traffic, and if the damage doesn’t seem sufficient, you may put off the repair. No one likes having to put their car in the shop, and if the damage is barely noticeable, it might seem to be more trouble than it’s worth.


At Suburban Auto Body, our certified technicians work with Minnesota car owners to get their cars back on the road as painlessly and swiftly as possible. In this post, we’ll offer advice for helping you determine if it’s really necessary to get minor bumper repair for your car.


Avoiding Hidden Damage

Vehicles are complex pieces of machinery, and too often, hidden components that don’t seem affected by an accident can be damaged without your knowledge. Even if your bumper seems to have only very minor damage, there may be problems lurking underneath your bumper that you may not be aware of.


Getting minor bumper repair allows our collision repair team to get a good look at your bumper. When we remove your bumper, we can assess the foam-like material underneath it to make sure it is undamaged and has not been pushed in. Once we’ve fully assessed the damage, we can make recommendations to keep you safer while you’re out on the road.


Hidden Risks of Hidden Damage

One of the reasons it’s important to assess any damage hidden underneath your bumper is the risk of future dangers due to the compromised integrity of your vehicle. A damaged bumper that remains undetected can end up causing more problems down the road if you’re ever involved in another collision.


The purpose of a bumper is to absorb the impact if your car is read-ended. However, a damaged bumper is unable to fully absorb the impact as it was meant to do. This can end up causing serious damage to the frame of your vehicle and puts you and your passengers at risk of bodily harm. By replacing your bumper or repairing it, you reduce your chance of serious injury if any future accidents should occur in your vehicle.



We make your bumper repair faster and easier with our Suburban EZ program. Here are a few ways we take the frustration out of getting your car to the shop:


●        A go-to person who helps you through the process

●        Key-to-key service to make things easier

●        Advanced repair certifications protect your vehicle


Repair Your Bumper Damage With Suburban Auto Certified Collision Repair

Don’t put off getting your bumper or minor collision damage repaired. When you do, every trip out on the road puts you, your car, and everyone in it in jeopardy.


With Suburban Auto Body’s Suburban EZ program, we can work fast to get you the OEM manufacturer’s parts you need and get your car back out on the road. Connect with a member of our advanced collision repair team at 651.633.8900, or contact us for a free estimate.