If someone rear-ended your car, you may find that the bumper is dented. And due to the material used to make bumpers, even a small impact can leave a major dent. In some cases, a car bumper can be repaired. In other cases, it needs to be replaced. So how does a technician determine which is needed? Read on to learn when a bumper can be repaired versus when it needs to be replaced.

If There are Cracks in the Bumper

When a technician is inspecting the bumper for damage, they will make note of whether there are any cracks in the bumper. A dent in a bumper can always be pulled out. However, cracking in the bumper cannot be repaired and this affects the structural integrity of this part. It weakens it, which can mean it offers less protection if you are in another accident in the future. As such, if there is any cracking on your bumper after the accident, the bumper will need to be replaced.

The Cost of Repair Versus Replacement

Another key factor a technician will look at is the cost to repair the bumper versus the cost to replace it. If you have a small dent that looks like it can be safely pulled out, the costs will be minor. However, if you have a large dent that likely needs to be filled in and then repainted, the cost can be major. In some cases, it will cost less to replace the bumper than to make these costly and time-consuming repairs. The location of the damage, the amount of damage, the affect it had on the paint and the material your bumper is made from can all affect how much it costs to repair versus replace the bumper.

How Easily a New Bumper Can Be Found

If you have an older car or a specialty car, the last factor that a technician will consider is how easily a new bumper can be found. Finding the right-sized bumper for a car that no longer has factory parts being made for it can be challenging. If a new bumper is hard to find, a technician may suggest repairing the bumper because of the circumstances.

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