If you have been in a car accident, you are required to let your insurance company know. When you do so, they may give you the name of one or two recommended auto body shops to take your car to. This may leave you wondering if you have to use these companies or if you can use any auto body repair shop that you select. Here is some information you need to know about car accidents, insurance, and auto body shops.


Can Your Car Insurance Company Tell You Which Auto Body Shop to Use?

An insurance company cannot tell you which auto body shop to use when your car needs a repair after a car accident. They can recommend you take your car to various shops. However, they cannot fail to pay for the repairs just because they are done at a shop that they did not recommend.


Are There Benefits to Using the Insurance Company's Recommended Auto Body Shops?

There are a few advantages to using a shop recommended by an insurance company. First off, the insurance company has researched the companies they recommend and know they are reputable. They also have experience working with them, which may make the estimate and approval process faster. All in all, if you are not sure where to take your car, and don't have the time or energy to research repair shops on your own, an insurance company's recommendation can be valuable to you.


What Should I Look For When Selecting My Own Auto Body Repair Shop?

If you have decided to find your own auto body repair shop, you will want to find one who has experience handling insurance repairs. They need to be open to letting an insurance adjuster inspect the car and estimate the repairs. They then need to provide an insurance company with the estimates and get approval from them before completing work. A company that doesn't have this experience can slow the process down, which can be hard on you. Additionally, you also want to look for a reputable company with great customer feedback and a company that charges fair, industry-standard labor rates.


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