The idea of having work conducted on your car is probably not something you look forward to. First, you’re upset that your car even needs work performed on it, secondly, you’re probably not familiar with the process, and third, you’re not sure how you’re going to conduct your daily affairs while your car is in the shop. Fortunately, Suburban Auto Body provides EZ service to the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas to get your car back on the road as quickly and easily as possible.

We Come to You

The first step of our process is that we come to you. One of our representatives will drive a loaner car and meet you at home or work. We trade keys with you and leave in your car so you still have a car to drive during the repair process. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary other than enjoy driving a different car for a bit. When the repairs are finished, we’ll arrange a time to meet back up with you and exchange cars again so you can get back to driving the car you love, knowing it has been fixed properly and won’t cause any more problems for you.

Your Personal Contact

During the repair process, there is no need to call the shop and wait for somebody to come to the phone who knows what is going on with your car. You will be assigned a personal contact who directly supervises the repairs on your car. You can call this one person anytime if you have questions or further instructions we need to be made aware of. In the rare case of unexpected complications, your contact will be the one who calls to notify you of any changes, so you’ll know who you’re talking with and rest assured they can give you a full explanation of what’s going on.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The final step of making the process as easy as possible is to offer you a satisfaction guarantee. After the repairs are finished, we fully detail your car as a courtesy. If all you care about is that your car is road ready, we’ll drop it back off with you at your convenience. If you want a detailed explanation of everything we did to repair your car, we’ll be happy to provide that as well. If any aspect of the process doesn’t meet your standards, your personal contact is available to discuss what we can do to make the situation right for you.