There are many reasons why people decide to have custom auto body painting done on their vehicles. One of these reasons involves the need for self-expression, while another reason is for the vehicle to stand out and be different. Some people even decide to have custom auto body painting done on their vehicles for the sake of immortalizing something or someone they love.

Whatever the case may be, having custom car painting done requires that you have a great idea first before any work can begin. Individuals who know how to draw, or have some artistic ability, often put together a sketch of what they want before they find a custom auto body painting specialist to work on their vehicle. Working with an artist is a great way to turn ideas into concept drawings that can be used for a unique paint theme.

If you are not sure what kinds of custom auto body painting ideas you should consider for your vehicle, here are some ideas:

  • Artist tribute designs – these are designs that incorporate the different looks of your favorite musical artists or actors into a car auto body painting design. You can have your artist create a mural or collage of the different looks your favorite musician or actor is famous for and have this painted on your hood, on the side of your car or wherever you want to have these on.
  • Landscape designs – do you have a favorite view that you wish to immortalize on your vehicle? You can do so with the help of custom auto body painters who are very good at creating landscapes and scenery that customers ask them to paint on their vehicles. You can choose from a wide selection of landscapes that include scenes of snowy mountains, to pictures of a tranquil lake with sailboats on it, to rolling fields of wheat, to thick forest cover. Many vehicles have unique landscapes on the doors and on the hood.
  • Images of loved ones – some people immortalize their loved one’s images on their vehicle.  This is one of the ways the vehicle owner pays tribute to an extremely important person in their life. Some tributes are images of family members who are long gone, while other tributes are for currently living people.  Paintings of service members are the most popular living tributes.
  • Theme art – probably the most common requests car auto body painting specialists get from those who want to customize their cars with custom auto body painting comes in the form of images representing flames, skulls, guns, and other similar themes. Some women who love certain cartoon characters even have these and anything related to these characters painted on their vehicles for a unified theme. Other theme art you may find being painted onto cars include vampire themes, mythical creature themes, movie themes and animal themes.  A transformer logo has become very popular to replace the logo of the car manufacturer.
  • Paintings – have you ever seen a painting that you love and wish that this was on your car? A few people have had popular paintings copied onto their vehicles, with some of the more popular choices being landscape paintings and abstracts. How well these paintings are copied often depend on the skill of the custom auto body painting specialist that is hired.