Electric vehicles are becoming a regular and mandatory choice in some areas. But if your car needs auto body repair, you might be wondering what the difference is between an electric and a traditional automobile.

Suburban Auto Body wants to keep you informed, so we are here to discuss four things to know about auto body repair for electric vehicles!

Auto Body Basics

The reality is that an electric vehicle will cost more for repair than a traditional automobile. This is because parts and components may not be as widely available as conventional vehicles, and a significant concern is if the batteries are affected during the collision, it can cause even more of an issue.

In addition, an analysis showed that an electric vehicle can cost 3% more than a gas-powered vehicle in most collisions, even though they are a less complicated car to maintain and repair.

Getting the Right Parts

Another area that makes electric vehicles different from fuel-based cars is that the parts are not as common as conventional ones. This will make the repair more likely to be at a higher cost and more difficult to obtain replacement parts.

Moving the Vehicle

Towing the electric vehicle is also different because towing them on their wheels can cause damage to the system and potentially create a shocking hazard due to their engine design. Once the vehicle arrives at the destination, it can be inspected for additional damages, including body panels.

What About Painting EVs?

The painting also takes a different method than conventional vehicles will. In most cases, after a fuel page vehicle is painted, it will be put into a booth, and the paint will be cured, but when it comes to electric cars, there are different temperature thresholds that have to be maintained due to the batteries requirements.

In most cases, a manufacturer will not want the traditional curing process to be completed but instead to have it baked at a lower temperature. This can create a delay because it takes extra time for the vehicle to dry, so it's essential to find a certified auto body shop to do the work.

Suburban Auto Body: Certified & Trusted

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, so it's essential to find a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time, and Suburban Auto Body is here to help. We are a locally owned company that understands what integrity means and offers the highest standards in services, including fender repair and hail dent repair that delivers exceptional results in Minnesota.

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