Finding yourself in an accident or seeing some damage on your vehicle may require some repairs on it. For you to avoid having to spend any money on such repairs, you should file an insurance claim so that this can be repaired and your insurance company can cover the cost of such work. There will be instances however when filing a claim is not as easy as it sounds or is not the best course for you to take.

Before you file your car insurance claim, it is best to assess the situation first. It is also a good idea for you to know a few things about claims and vehicle repairs before you need to have this done or before this even happens. To get you started, here are a few things that you need to know before you file an insurance claim:

  • If the damage is minimal, and if you can get it repaired without the cost making such a big dent in your pocket, you should consider paying for the repairs yourself. The reason for this is that every time you call your insurance adjuster for claim filing, or even to simply ask about claim filing, it is actually added to your insurance records. And you know what this can mean. The more incidents recorded on your insurance file, the higher your insurance premiums when you renew your insurance.
  • If the damage on your vehicle is rather substantial, you will need to file a claim. If you are at fault for the damage, you should contact your insurance company for this. If someone else is at fault, you will need to get the person’s insurance information along with their personal info and you can opt to have their insurance cover your repairs.
  • Getting in touch with your insurance company, as soon as you are able to assess whether or not the damage is substantial enough for them to cover, should be done ASAP. Your insurance company will know what needs to be done when this happens, and when the damage was brought about by someone else, they can also contact the other party’s insurance company for you.
  • The repairs on your vehicle will only begin when your claim is approved. The insurance company covering your car’s insurance will send an adjuster over to check on the damage that your vehicle incurred. They might also suggest a certified repair shop for you to go to in order for assessments on the cost of the repairs to begin.
  • If there is a dispute between you and the other person involved in the accident, their insurance company may contact you to find out more about the accident. You should make sure that you take note of what you say, what the person on the phone is saying and try to record the entire conversation if you are able to.
  • If you want to have your vehicle fixed by someone other than the pre-approved repair shop your insurance company recommended, you can do so. The insurance company cannot force you to have your vehicle repaired at a shop you don’t like. They can only recommend but not dictate which auto shop you can use to have your vehicle fixed. If your insurance company tells you that you have no choice in the matter, you can actually report them to the state insurance commissioner for “steering”.