After a bad accident, your insurance company may tell you that your vehicle has been "totaled." That doesn't mean that you have to give up entirely on your car, though. If you disagree with the assessment, you may be able to get the insurance company to "untotal" the vehicle, at which point you can get the car repaired properly. Once your car has been untotaled, you can fix it just like with any other insurance claim. 

Is Your Car Really Totaled? 

A vehicle that's been "totaled" is a vehicle that would cost more to repair than it's actually worth. In other words, it's easier to just pay you out for the vehicle itself than to get your car fixed. In some respects, this can actually be beneficial. You can just take the check and get a different car. 

But it can be bad, especially if you don't have gap insurance. Consider a situation in which you owe $10,000 on an $8,000 car. When the insurance company "totals" your vehicle, they'll give you $8,000 (less your deductible). But you'll still be on the hook for the $2,000 remainder. 

All totaled means is that the quotes to fix the car came in higher than the value of the car itself. That means that it could be incorrect if:

  • The car is cheaper to repair than it seems.
  • The value of the car is higher than it seems.

Getting Your Car "Untotaled" So It Can Be Repaired By a Shop

Many people don't realize that they can dispute a "total." You'll have to do some research on the type of damage your car has, and ideally you should get quotes from multiple mechanics. If you can prove that your car's value is over the cost of repairing it safely, then your insurance company may change their mind.

A lot of body damage -- such as the body damage Suburban Auto Body can fix -- may look to be very bad at the beginning, but isn't really as bad as it seems. Someone just doing a cursory glance at your vehicle might assume it's totaled when it's really not. It's also possible that getting a quote from an automobile company could show that it's more valuable to the insurance company to fix it than replace it.

If you're able to dispute the total successfully, you can carry on just like with any other insurance claim: by sending it to the appropriate shop for work. 

Do you have a car that needs work? If you're able to convince your insurance company that your car hasn't been totaled, Suburban Auto Body can help you get it back into tip top condition. Contact Suburban Auto Body to schedule an appointment today.