No one wants to get into an accident when they’re trying to get from point A to point B. But the unfortunate truth is that even if you're extremely careful, accidents can still happen to the best drivers among us. However, for drivers who practice defensive driving techniques and remaining vigilant while behind the wheel, most accidents are avoidable.


When you do end up in a minor collision or fender bender, our accident repair pros at Suburban Auto Body can help you get back on the road fast with convenient customer service. We’ve put together this guide to help you avoid collisions while you’re out on the road. If you are involved in a collision, give us a call to get you back behind the wheel like it never happened. 

1.      Remain Alert

Be aware of other drivers while you’re on the road and drive defensively. Be sure to constantly check your mirrors and blind spots, especially when turning or changing lanes. Don’t drive distracted or operate a vehicle while fatigued, and be aware of possible hazards on the road. Finally, avoid driving in other drivers’ blind spots.

2.      Follow at a Safe Distance

No matter where you’re driving around town or on the highway, always maintain a safe driving distance behind other vehicles. Maintaining a safe distance is the only way to guarantee you’ll have enough time to stop your car if you suddenly need to brake. Driving experts recommend choosing a stationary object somewhere along the road such as a building or a tree. After the vehicle you’re following passes the object, make sure you can count to three full seconds before passing the same vehicle. If you’re driving in poor visibility conditions or on wet roads, give your car even more time to stop.

3.      Drive Cautiously

The best way to avoid getting hit from behind is to make sure others can see you while you’re driving. Give yourself plenty of time to break and slow down before stopping or turning. Always use your turn signal to give other drivers an indication that you are about to turn, and be especially cautious while merging.

Contact Our Accident Repair Pros at Suburban Auto Body

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