When you hear people talk about hybrid cars, what you usually get is the fact that these are Earth friendly and you get good mileage out of your tank of gas. While both of these are true, these are not the only advantages you get from hybrid cars. Aside from these, you actually don’t need to spend that much on auto body repair, should you need to have this done on your hybrid. While this was initially a problem since these cars did cost more when it came to repairs, these days, such vehicles cost the same as regular vehicles when you need to have body repairs done on them.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, here are a few more of the pros as well as a few of the cons that come with owning a hybrid car:

Pros of Hybrid Cars

One of the main reasons why these cars are very fuel efficient is due to the fact that these are rather lightweight. The lighter a vehicle, the less energy it needs to expend, and the less energy is needed, the less fuel you need. This light weight is also due to the smaller yet more efficient engine, which is also another reason why these vehicles are so fuel efficient. This fuel efficiency is coupled with the use of electrical energy which, in turn, helps lower your fuel expenditures and which also contributes to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Okay, so now you know that fuel efficiency is indeed one of the best virtues of these cars, and is brought about by the many other benefits that you get with such a vehicle. This is not the only reason why people do buy hybrids. You should also be aware that these cars are made to last a long time, along with their parts. Some of the parts that you won’t have to worry about include the regenerative braking system and the car’s brake pads, the battery, and the engine.

Also worth noting is that these vehicles are rather quiet when they run. These hybrid cars are also emission free, which means you won’t have any need for emissions testing. You are also assured of a higher resale value on these cars when you feel the need to change up to another, newer version. This means that you actually get more bang for your buck and you won’t need to shell out more to get a newer car when you resell your older hybrid.

Cons of Hybrid Cars

In the past, the cost of auto body repair on hybrids was considered one of the things that turned off people from buying hybrid cars, but since this has lowered considerably to a level at par with other regular cars, this is no longer that much of a concern. There are still a few things that may make you think twice about hybrids though and one of those is lack of power in the car.

If you are someone who wants a vehicle to pack a certain punch when you step on the accelerator, then a hybrid is not for you. While it will save you a lot of money on gasoline, it won’t win you any races. If you are something of a speed demon, then a hybrid is not for you.

Another thing that may make you reconsider buying a car like this is the fact that the reduction in the car’s weight results in poor handling. Heavier cars may not be fuel efficient enough but have rather good handling and stability.