Going Green


You are probably surprised that companies and Collision centers want to help the environment. Well, we do.

Suburban Auto Body is an earth-conscious body shop.

In our business practices – Suburban Auto Body uses an environmentally safe plan to dispose of outdated terminals and computer screens. Our plans don’t stop with computers. We recycle batteries, aluminum, glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, fluorescent tubes, printer and toner cartridges and carpet.
In the repair processes.

Suburban Auto Body is doing their part to help the environment. So, join us in the “Go Green” campaign and do your part to help the environment! Examples of green do-goodery performed at Suburban Auto body include using biodegradable cleaners to tackle spills, keeping parking lots and service bays clean to prevent rain from carrying toxic waste into storm drains, recycling oil, and taking extra precautions to prevent storage receptacles from leaking hazardous materials. Lastly we are converting our painting system to a more environmentally friendly waterborne paint technology to reduce VOC emissions.

We also have separate bins for cardboard , plastics, papers and metals.

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