The body and parts on a car are made from various types of metal including steel and aluminum. They are often coated with clear coats and paint to prevent them from rusting. But as the car is exposed to real life elements, this paint and coating can become scratched, scraped and damaged. A rock, shopping cart, key or even driving over a speed bump can scrape away paint and coating on the car. This leaves the metal exposed to outdoor elements such as water, and rust can form. Rust can eat away at the metal, causing significant damage. If you notice rust on your car, you will want to have it removed before snow hits the car. Here are two reasons why.

Salt Can Eat Away at the Scratch

When it begins to snow, roads are often salted. The salt helps to melt snow and ice, keeping the roads drivable. Unfortunately, salt can be corrosive. If the salt gets into any of the scratches or damaged areas of your car, it can further eat away at the paint or clear coating. This leaves these areas more susceptible to rust and can cause a small scratch or paint chip to grow into a large one. Having any rusted areas cleaned up before the snow hits and salt works its way into the area can prevent further damage to your car.

Snow Can Cause More Rust to Form

The other major reason why you will want to have rust removed from your snow before the snow hits is because snow can cause the rust to spread. When rust is present on your car, any moisture can give the rust the conditions it needs to spread further into the affected area or drip down to other parts of your car. And unlike rain, snow can sit in place on your car for hours, causing the rusted spot to remain nice and damp. This creates a condition in which rust can thrive and spread quickly. Removing the rust before the snow hits can help prevent it from spreading.

If you notice rust on your vehicle, you will want to have the rust removed before rain and snow further affect it. If you are in the great St. Paul, MN area, contact Suburban Auto Body. We can help to remove rust from any part of your car at any time. Contact us today to set up an inspection and to receive a rust removal quote.