When you are involved in a car accident, the impact can cause internal damage or pressure to your windshield. When airbags deploy, they put pressure on the windshield. When you hit a tree, the impact can cause the windshield to shake. Unfortunately, a lot of this damage is not visible, which causes you to wonder when or if your windshield should be replaced. Here is some information you need to know about when a windshield should be replaced after a car accident.

When There Are Visible Cracks Due to the Accident

If your windshield is visibly damaged because of the accident, such as a crack or shattering of the glass, you will need to have the windshield replaced. If you fail to do so, the glass may suddenly shatter and break apart if you are in a minor accident again. Shattered glass or cracks can also impede your line of sight while driving.

When You Are Involved in a Major Accident

If you are involved in a major car accident with a lot of front end damage, an auto body repair shop may make the decision to replace the windshield, even though you may not see any damage. The force of the impact can cause the bonding materials holding the windshield in place to crack. Unfortunately, this is something no one can see. This can weaken the structural integrity of the windshield and can lead to problems if you are ever in an accident again in the future. As such, it may be safer just to replace the windshield.

If the Airbags Deployed

If the airbags in your car deployed due to an accident, the windshield should possibly be replaced. A professional should evaluate the strength of the windshield and how much force was exerted upon it between the accident and the airbags. If they feel that too much force was exerted and the windshield may have slightly shifted because of this force, they will recommend the windshield be replaced.

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