Spring is just around the corner in Minnesota. Days of snow and frosty air will soon be behind us for the year, and we’ll be looking forward to bluebird mornings and warm, sunny days. But with the warmer weather, we’ll also have a few thunderstorms to look forward to.


When those dark clouds roll in, they can bring devastating hail. Few things are more depressing than seeing your gorgeous new Mazda CX-5 suddenly pock-marked with damage from large hail. Fortunately, our team at Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul can help. We’ve put together this guide to help you decided if your car can be saved from hail damage.


1.      Is your car covered in small dents?

One of the most common types of hail damage is small dents. Small dents are caused by small pieces of hail that impact your vehicle at a low speeds. Although these dents might be shallow, they can still be quite extensive, which is why it’s important to get a professional on the job.


2.      Is the damage deep?

When larger-sized hail hits your car, it can leave deep dents that require special attention. This is also true for smaller hail that hits at a much higher wind speed. When you add the size of hail to the high impact speed, it can significantly damage your vehicle. Our auto body experts are experienced with all kinds of hail damage, so even if you’ve got large dents, we can help.


3.      How bad is your paint job?

Smaller hail and even sleet can scratch and damage your paint job. It’s important to have paint repair experts who can restore your vehicle to its original appearance. We can match the color of your vehicle to the factory color so the damage disappears like it was never there to begin with.


4.      Is the plastic cracked?

Sometimes, a vehicle’s damage from hail goes beyond dents. Large pieces of hail have been known to crack and damage exposed plastic on your vehicle. It’s important to work with a certified vehicle repair shop to get the right replacements for your car. We’re certified in a number of vehicle repairs, including Ford and GM repair.


Twin Cities Auto Body and Paint for Hail Damage

A recent study by Progressive Insurance showed that Minnesota was among the top five states in the country for hail damage claims. Hail can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your vehicle.


It can be scary to get caught in a hailstorm, but the damage to your vehicle shouldn’t leave you with a forever-damaged vehicle. Let our professional Twin Cities auto body and paint team get your car looking great again. You can talk with a member of our team by calling us at 651.633.8900, or contact us for a free estimate.