When you think of car manufacturing, you might call to mind images of steel vehicle manufacturers. Although cars were traditionally made with steel, over the past few decades, the materials that cars are made of have changed tremendously. Shifts in technology, economic factors, and safety concerns have all played their part in determining how cars are made.


Most recently, auto manufacturers have begun to make the transition to using aluminum in vehicle production. Lightweight and rust-resistant, aluminum is turning out to be a great option for high-performance vehicles, but it also requires special repair knowledge.

Our aluminum-certified auto collision repair experts at Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul have put together this great guide to everything you should know about aluminum auto repair.


Benefits of Aluminum Vehicles

Aluminum has a surprising number of benefits for vehicle production. For this reason, manufacturers from Ford to Tesla have begun to shift over to using aluminum in their high-performance vehicles in recent years, a trend expected to continue. Aluminum weighs less than steel, which means doors and panels can be made thicker.


Due to its lightweight quality, aluminum allows car owners better handling and acceleration. In fact, aluminum can boost a vehicle’s fuel economy without compromising safety for its passengers. It also offers tremendous environmental advantages over other traditional materials.


Certified Aluminum Repair

One of the biggest changes for collision centers with the advent of aluminum cars is the difference between vehicles and makers. When it came to steel, many repairs were similar from one manufacturer to the next. However, different aluminum manufacturers use different types of aluminum.


This has caused collision centers to have to up their game, becoming certified for repairs on each unique manufacturer. Some collision repair centers have simply gone around the issue, ordering complete replacement parts instead of becoming aluminum certified for each manufacturer. At Suburban Auto Body Repair, our collision repair experts are certified to repair a number of aluminum, as well as steel, vehicles.


Here are a few differences between steel and aluminum:

●        Different dent-pulling methods

●        Different welding approaches

●        Different equipment needed


Minneapolis and St. Paul Pothole and Auto Body Repair

Whether you need a Ford aluminum certified body shop for your F-150 or you need collision repair for your Acura NSX, we’ve got you covered. We understand the complexities of working with aluminum frames and we have the training and certification to back it up. At Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul, we offer several options for you to follow your repair throughout the process and can help you with transportation to and from our shop. You can also check out pictures of your repair throughout the process on our website. Call our Ford and Acura certified body repair experts at 651.633.8900, or contact us online for a free estimate.