When you purchase a new car, it may come with a warranty. The warranty helps to cover your vehicle in case anything unexpected goes wrong with the car. But there are many ways that this warranty can be voided, including not having the car properly maintained or making repairs to the car yourself. If your vehicle is involved in a car accident, you may wonder if having auto body work done to the car can void the warranty. Unfortunately, it can void the warranty in some cases. Here are three situations in which your car warranty may be voided by having auto body repair.

1.      Failing to Use a Certified Mechanic

One of the top reasons why your car warranty may be voided after a car accident is because you failed to use a certified mechanics. Many car manufacturers require you to use a car mechanic who is certified by them to make repairs to the car, including auto body work. If the mechanic is not certified by the manufacturer, they may make errors that can affect the lifespan of the car and its parts. This is why the warranty may be voided.

2.      Not Having OEM Parts Installed

Another reason why your car warranty may be voided after a car accident is because OEM parts were not installed. OEM parts are original parts from the manufacturer. These parts are designed to ensure your car operates as it is designed to. If aftermarket parts are used, it can strain or wear down other parts, which may cause your car to need repairs faster. This is why it is important to use OEM parts and why manufacturers will void the warranty if they are not used.

3.      Having the Vehicle Modified

The last reason your car's warranty may be voided when having auto body repair done is because you had the car modified. When your car is in the shop, you may think that this is a great time to have the vehicle modified to make it more sporty. Common modifications include adding spoilers, changing the grill or installing a custom bumper to your car. However, having the vehicle modified in this manner can void the warranty. Always read through the warranty carefully to see whether these modifications can and will affect your warranty.

If your car has been involved in a car accident, Suburban Auto Body can help. We use certified mechanics who have the experience to properly repair your car, helping to maintain the warranty. Call us today to discuss your auto body repair needs.