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Finding a Great Body Shop

Every car enthusiast eventually needs an auto body shop and the services they provide. Hopefully it’s for graphics and custom painting rather than dents from minor parking lot benders. Regardless, a body shop provides an invaluable service when needed. There are a few considerations to evaluate when choosing a body shop to assure your car is fixed according to your standards and is going to look great and drive well when you get it back on the road.

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10 Easy Little Things You Can Do To Protect Your Car's Body

If you've ever owned a brand a new car, you probably remember how very careful you were keeping it spot and ding free for as long as you could. Eventually, however, you pick up a scratch here, a door ding there, and maybe a rock chip. You soon accept that damage to your car body may be inevitable. That doesn't have to be the case. Here are 10 easy little things you can do to better protect your car's body.

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Reasons Why a Small Auto Body Repair Can Be Expensive

Have you ever had a seemingly minor accident where you were surprised at the high estimate from an auto body repair shop? It happens every day. Some people, who may have a $500 or $1000 deductible on their auto insurance, may, at first, feel they will cover the expenses themselves. When they realize what it will financially take to make the repair the proper way they end up submitting a claim.

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Car Crash Repair: What to Expect

No one wants or plans to be involved in a car accident. Yet, everyday across the United States, there are hundreds of reported car accidents. With that said if you unfortunately, find yourself to be in the group of hundreds one day, you will need to know what to do about getting accident repair done at an auto body and collision shop.

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Three Reasons to Fix Vehicle Rust Spots Now

The structural integrity of your vehicle and its aesthetic appeal impact your life and how others perceive you, making it important to fix vehicle rust spots immediately. So, if you start to see bubbling in your paint, brown spots on your fenders or if the floor is wet beneath your feet, it’s time to fix your vehicle. Otherwise, your vehicle will look blemished, be structurally unsound and will cost more to fix in the future.

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Rust Resistance: Protecting Your Car from Rust Damage

Once it's already occurred, rust damage is incredibly hard to control and correct. That's why preventing rust is the best solution. Vehicles are naturally protected against rust by their exterior paint and protective coatings, but any time these coatings are damaged, there can be issues. Rust will slowly spread in a car, weakening it and potentially requiring the replacement of parts.

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Where Will YOU Turn?

It is interesting how much time, money and effort businesses put into advertising to people who don’t need their product. We see it all the time. How many people need a locksmith at any given moment or a lawyer, or even an auto body and collision repair service? The fact is, we advertise so WHEN you need our product or service, you will think of us.

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Auto Body and Collision Repairs After a Car Accident - Replacing (Small Auto Repairs can Save Your Money in the Future)

You’re driving down the road minding your own business singing along with the radio. When out of nowhere, you just barely catch a glimpse of the shiny blue car, it’s like a bolt of lightning coming right at you. Your senses go into overdrive, your adrenaline is pumping, and you brace yourself for impact.

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Three Reasons to Fix Your Bumper Now

Your bumpers have aesthetic as well as safety purposes, making it important to get them fixed if they become damaged. When you get your bumpers fixed, you’re improving the perceptions of those around you, while preventing further damage to your vehicle and mitigating potential safety hazards. These three reasons justify a quick fix.

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Top Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Car Before You Sell It


If you are in the market to sell your car in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you likely want to get the most money possible for it. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to increase the value of your vehicle and get it road ready. The following ways are simple yet can reap big returns on your investment. 

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