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When Should a Bumper Be Replaced Instead of Repaired?

There are a number of ways a bumper can get dented or damaged. You may hit a pole or someone may rear end you. Regardless, if there is damage to your bumper, it needs to be fixed. In some cases, a dent can be pulled out and your existing bumper can still be used. In other cases, the entire bumper should be replaced. So how do you know when a bumper should be repaired or replaced? Here are a few of the signs that your bumper needs to be replaced not repaired.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Car Painting Process

If your car was involved in a car accident, it might have sustained body damage. After all the dents and dings are removed from the body of your car, you may notice there are scratches and places where the paint is missing. Typically, after a significant car accident, your car needs to be painted because of these issues. If you have never had a car painted following a car accident, you may have questions. Here are a few of the questions you may have about this process.

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Can Your Insurance Company Tell You What Auto Body Shop to Use?

If you have been in a car accident, you are required to let your insurance company know. When you do so, they may give you the name of one or two recommended auto body shops to take your car to. This may leave you wondering if you have to use these companies or if you can use any auto body repair shop that you select. Here is some information you need to know about car accidents, insurance, and auto body shops.

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4 Affordable Auto Body Repair Tips That Add Value to Your Car

We all love our cars, but everyone knows that cars are depreciating assets. From the moment we first drive them off the dealership lot, they decline in value. Even if we pamper and baby our beloved automobiles, there is not much we can do stop that devaluation. However, we can slow it down.

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Four Types of Damage Often Overlooked Following a Car Crash

Any car accident involves quite a lot of force. Cars today are built to withstand pretty significant accidents, but just because they don't show their damage doesn't mean the damage isn't there. Here are a few common types of damage that may not be visible to the naked eye.

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Do I Need to Get My Bumper Fixed After a Minor Fender Bender?

If someone taps the back of your bumper, it may leave behind a small dent. Due to the size, you may find yourself wondering if it is even worth the time and hassle to get it fixed. If you find yourself debating whether or not you should have a minor bumper dent fixed, here are some of the factors you should consider.

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When Should You Pay for An Auto Accident Repair Out of Your Own Pocket Versus Filing an Insurance Claim?

If you were involved in a minor auto accident, you may find yourself wondering whether you should pay for the repair out-of-pocket or file an insurance claim. Here is some information you need to know when making this decision.

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The Dangers of Pulling a Dent Out of a Car Yourself

If you have a dent in your car, you may be thinking about trying to pull it out yourself to save some money. While there are kits you can buy that can help you pull out dents, there are some disadvantages and dangers to your car when attempting to do it yourself. Here are a few of the dangers that can occur when you attempt to pull a dent from a car yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Body Shops and Salvaged Cars

Following a car accident, you will likely take the car to an auto body shop. However, if the insurance company deems that it will cost more to repair your car than it is worth, they will deem your car salvaged. When this occurs your mind will likely be racing with questions. Here are some questions you may have about auto body shops and salvaged cars.

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Pros and Cons of Repairing Car Dents Before Selling Your Car

Keeping a car ding and dent free is near-impossible these days. Another car can hit your door or a shopping cart can run into your car. As such, when you are selling a used car, buyers expect there to be a few dings and scratches here and there. But, if you have large or major dents in your car, you may be wondering whether you should repair that large dent prior to selling the car. Learning the pros and cons of doing so can help you make an educated decision. Here are a few of the pros and cons to repairing car dents before selling your car.

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