Collision Repair at Suburban Auto Body

Auto Body Repair St. PaulCrumple zones, people talk about them all of the time, yet when you drive around you see the dings and dents where drivers have crumpled their vehicles crumpled zone. Get that thing fixed. The entire purpose behind the design of crumple zones is to absorb energy during a collision. Before crumple zones became a standard part of modern automobile design, the energy created during a crash traveled through the vehicle and through the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Read more

We pledge quality work on every project.

Suburban Auto Body pledges to perform quality work on every auto body project. We have earned a great reputation for quality auto body repair work in Minneapolis and St Paul, and we will keep this reputation. Our skilled staff can repair any car, from Ferrari to Kia! Read more

Auto Body ClaimHere is a list of Suburban Auto Body qualities that your insurance should be aware of. Read more

Going GreenSuburban Auto Body takes a high priority on protecting the environment. We know that our daily operations can have an impact on the environment, and we have adjusted our practices and products to ensure that we help the environment with our operations. Read more