Now is the time to visit your St Paul auto body shop and get those auto body repairs done before winter hits. Does your vehicle have windows that leak? Do the doors on your car not close all the way? Do you hear wind whistling around the weatherstripping when you drive? Does your defroster work? There is no reason to spend a cold winter suffering the elements when most of these repairs can be fixed quickly and affordable by Suburban Auto Body. Read more

What is Fleet Service? Fleet service is a quality program that we offer to businesses that have more than ten vehicles. The program allows us to work on most of the largest fleets of vehicles around. We are a third party fleet administrator and direct repair program. What this means for you, is that we probably already have corporate authorization to provide service to your fleet of vehicles.

Suburan Fleets
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Suburban Auto Body - Roseville Midway Ford

Roseville Midway Ford

2777 Snelling Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113

Roseville Midway Ford is a great location for your Roseville and St Paul auto body repair needs.
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Collision Repair at Suburban Auto Body

Auto Body Repair St. PaulCrumple zones, people talk about them all of the time, yet when you drive around you see the dings and dents where drivers have crumpled their vehicles crumpled zone. Get that thing fixed. The entire purpose behind the design of crumple zones is to absorb energy during a collision. Before crumple zones became a standard part of modern automobile design, the energy created during a crash traveled through the vehicle and through the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Read more