Going GreenSuburban Auto Body takes a high priority on protecting the environment. We know that our daily operations can have an impact on the environment, and we have adjusted our practices and products to ensure that we help the environment with our operations.

Our business practices use environmentally friendly operations at the core of our business. St Paul auto body work can have a lot of bed environmental impacts if the wrong chemicals are used. We pledged to Go Green and we have been living up to our pledge.

Some of the changes and practices that we made include:

  • Biodegradable cleaners – we use biodegradable cleaners to clean up spills and also to clean vehicles. Biodegradable cleaners cost more than traditional chemical cleaners, but the cost is insignificant to the environmental friendliness of using the right products and not damaging the ecosystem in any way.
  • Keeping parking lots and service bays clean – we do this to prevent oils, antifreeze and other toxic waste from collecting and being exposed to the environment. These chemicals can wash away and be introduced to the environment and water says if close attention is not paid. We also ensure the debris and garbage from operations and litter is picked up immediately. Debris and garbage cleanup is important to ensure the garbage does not become pollution to the Mississippi River or the St Paul area that we operate in.
  • Recycling Oil – We recycle all the oil that we recover from vehicles. Motor oil is one of the most catastrophic toxins that is introduces to the environment. Engine oil is taken very seriously and we ensure that every drop is collected and recycled.
  • Precautions – we take extra precautions to prevent toxic leakage from storage receptacles and chemical containers. All of our staff are trained in the proper procedures if a leak is detected. Train staff handle any leaks immediately and clean up a leak thoroughly. We make this a top priority in our “Go Green” program and ensure this is strictly handled as part of our environmental stewardship.
  • Painting – We have made great progress in our painting system to ensure that our painting process is more environmentally friendly than the competition. We use waterborne paint technology to reduce the volatile organic compound “VOC” emissions from our painting process. The painting system is inherently a system that can cause environmental hazards if improper procedures, filters, and products are used. Suburban Auto Body ensures that we use the best practices and paint products for our St Paul Auto Body operations.
  • Recycling – Suburban Auto Body is committed to a rigid recycling program. Everything that can be recycled is recycled. Cardboard is broken down and recycled in proper cardboard recycling receptacles. Plastics are separated from other garbage and stored in a plastic recycling bin. Papers are isolated and recycled as a benefit to the environment and garbage disposal in St Paul. Metals are all recycled dependent on the type of metal: aluminum is collected for aluminum recycling, steel is collected for steel recycling, copper is collected for copper recycling, and other metals are collected for metal recycling.

We take pride in purchasing recycled materials whenever possible. Purchasing recycled materials is one of the best practices that can be used in Offices and for operations.

Suburban Auto Body has taken a lot of steps and invested in our Go Green program. We are committed to helping the environment and reducing waste in St Paul. Our goal is to help preserve the Mississippi river and water ways through our Go Green Program.

Feel free to call us or make an appointment for St Paul auto body work.

Dent Repair Services MinneapolisSpring Cleaning Includes Car Dent Repair in the Twin Cities

Extreme winter conditions have left many car owners with vehicles that need some attention from an Auto Body Shop in St Paul. Early spring is the perfect time to request estimates for repairing those dents and dings that happened during this record winter. Drivers tend to wait for warmer weather before inspecting every side of the personally-owned vehicles that are driven most often when snow and ice are on the roads. Discovery of damage can cause frustration without assistance from Suburban Auto Body – the most experienced St Paul Auto Body shop.

Insurance claims are easily handled when our specialists handle every detail of the repair and filing the required forms with your insurer. Restoring your car, truck or minivan to “like new” condition is our primary goal. Superb customer service has been our trademark since we opened over 30 years ago. Clients trust us with repairing all types of damage that occurs throughout the year. Accidents, collisions and falling objects present special challenges to vehicles that are used for work, school and family activities.

Insurance coverage is an important component when paying for needed repairs. A copy of your current damage estimate should be provided to allow us to validate the inspector’s assessment. Multiple incidents can result in additional damage to the vehicle, but all repairs will be performed at your convenience. Our experts understand the nuances of insurance claims and the discovery of additional damage on your car. Mistakes are avoided when independent inspections are conducted when the vehicle arrives.

Sliding vehicles are common during a Minnesota winter. Collisions leave minor damage behind on vehicles that can be driven until warmer weather arrives. Spring is the perfect time to offer our technicians an opportunity to inspect every side of your vehicles. We can assess damage to the alignment, frame and undercarriage of the vehicle. Careful assessment of the damage is important before work begins. Insurance inspectors will be notified whenever additional damage is found. Our specialists know the importance of working according to accurate insurance estimates that are intended to cover the cost of repairs.

Being without the family vehicle will not be a problem when you visit the most helpful Auto Body Shop Twin Cities. Our repair support staff knows the importance of transportation during your busy days. A ride to work in our courtesy van will be scheduled before you arrive to drop off your vehicle at our shop. Our drivers recognize your need for an on-time arrival at your workplace. Your transportation needs might include a loaner, or rental, vehicle for the entire time we have your vehicle in our St Paul Auto Body Shop. Convenient transportation options are available for virtually any customer request. Our commitment to helping you has resulted in our Suburban EZ policy.

Pothole repairs, street sweeping and snow removal make the summer streets less dangerous for drivers. All of those scratches and dings from rocks and ice chips can be repaired before you depart for your summer vacation. Consider the importance of restoring the protective coating over your beautiful vehicle. Salt and water cause extensive damage if a deep scratch or dent remains open for months. Allow our Auto Body Shop St Paul to schedule your appointment and make the necessary repairs now.

Spring months offer the perfect time to schedule your dent repair with our Auto Body Shop Twin Cities. Work will be scheduled according to your availability. We do everything possible to provide an accurate time estimate for the necessary repairs. You will be made aware of the current condition of your fenders, bumpers and side panels when the vehicle is inspected for the first time. Our proven repair process ensures that damage is repaired completely without surprises.

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