A fender bender can happen anytime of the year but they seem to occur more frequently during the winter months. With the right auto body repair shop, getting your auto body repair does not have to be stressful.   Customer-Focused Care Customer-focused care is a primary goal at high quality auto body repair shops. Suburban Auto Body understands that you have questions and they are there to answer them. If you are concerned how you will get to and from work and how you are going to pick your kids up, there are courtesy cars available for your use. Suburban Auto Body also offers express repairs and guaranteed delivery dates so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible. Their early bird drop-off service as well as their weekend and evening services are designed to fit into your busy schedule. All Makes and Models Whether you drive an American vehicle — such as a Ford, Chevrolet, GM or Dodge — or a foreign car — Fiat, Volkswagen or Toyota, anyone? — looking for a s ...

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If you have experienced an accident, you will be faced with choosing an auto body repair shop to restore your vehicle. The reality is all auto body and glass repair shops are not the same. Your insurance company may encourage the cheapest estimate, and their reasons should be obvious. What factors should you use in choosing an auto body shop? Here’s why we believe you should choose Suburban Auto Body. Experience Suburban Auto Body is owned by Dennis O’Connell who, for 30 years, has operated his company with a goal of creating satisfied customers. His has built a team of experienced and talented professionals who provide world-class service. The fact that the business continues to grow speaks volumes. Integrity When Dennis O’Connell began his company, he desired to ensure a great work environment where everyone treated each other with integrity, dignity and respect at all times. His focus was to deliver the highest standards of excellence in repair, customer service and timeliness ...

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If your vehicle’s paint gets scratched, it may seem easy to forget about because it doesn’t impact driving performance. However, forgetting about it comes with consequences, such as further damage to your vehicle and to your reputation. Look to these four reasons, when considering fixing paint scratches now versus later. Avoid Rusting & Further Damage If you leave scratches undealt with, your vehicle can rust in the areas where the paint has been stripped away, exposing the vehicle’s frame. This is bad for multiple reasons, including further damage to your vehicle’s paint job and to your vehicle’s frame. Ultimately, the longer the paint scratch is exposed to the elements, the more it will cost you to fix once you decide to visit an auto body shop. It’s better to fix the paint scratch now, instead of incurring further costs in the future. Maintain Your Reputation Paint scratches look bad and can damage your reputation at work and in your neighborhood. The ...

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