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How a Courtesy Car Helps You After an Accident

The auto body and collision experts at Suburban Auto Body in St. Paul talk about how their courtesy car services can help you after an auto accident and explain how the service works when you need it. 

Protecting Your Car's Glass from Storms and Hail

You don't always have a lot of warning when it comes to storms and hail; in fact, you may find out about it within just a few hours. What do you do if you don't have anywhere to put your car? Many people don't have a garage or carport available, or they might not have the time to find a different parking spot for their vehicle. Here are a few ways that you can protect your car, regardless of where it is.

10 Easy Little Things You Can Do To Protect Your Car's Body

If you've ever owned a brand a new car, you probably remember how very careful you were keeping it spot and ding free for as long as you could. Eventually, however, you pick up a scratch here, a door ding there, and maybe a rock chip. You soon accept that damage to your car body may be inevitable. That doesn't have to be the case. Here are 10 easy little things you can do to better protect your car's body.

Looking for a New Car? The Safest Vehicles of 2016

Is safety your primary concern when purchasing a new car? Modern cars come replete with safety features, but there are still some vehicles and manufacturers that make safety their primary priority. Here are the vehicles that you should be looking at for safety when entering 2016.

Three Reasons to Fix Vehicle Rust Spots Now

The structural integrity of your vehicle and its aesthetic appeal impact your life and how others perceive you, making it important to fix vehicle rust spots immediately. So, if you start to see bubbling in your paint, brown spots on your fenders or if the floor is wet beneath your feet, it’s time to fix your vehicle. Otherwise, your vehicle will look blemished, be structurally unsound and will cost more to fix in the future.

Suburban Auto Body: Your One Stop Auto Body Shop

Suburban Auto Body is the only repair shop you will ever need. Whether you have been in a fender bender and need a dent removed and fresh paint or or you are involved in a more serious accident and need extensive work done on your car they will work with you and your insurance company.

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